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    when chester screams the bridge on faint ( i love that bridge) his voice is well...much deeper and throaty, than the way he does it on meteora. does he scream like this on other live songs or what? (i wouldnt know. never seen a live concert, nor have i heard all of live in texas)

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    I think the throaty aspect has to do with the fact that he's screaming live instead of on the albums. The deep part was either something he decided to do, or just the way his voice functioned because on another live recording of faint, he doesn't go deep like that.

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    chester experiments doing live shows - if he tried to copy what he has done on the album it could get a little borring so maybe chester mixes things up to keep himself on his toes

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    I thought his voice was just wearing down a little, etc because they were already well into the concert. I've always thought it was unintentional, but now I guess he did it on purpose

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    i guess its a question of how his voice worked at the moment.

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