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    I hide within this prison of mine
    The one that I helped create
    To keep me safe from this world
    Keep me safe from the hate.
    I stay within these walls I've built
    Let no-one see what's inside
    I'm dead to my feelings, dead to it all
    I'm dead 'cause I've let me die.

    Afraid to open the door
    Afraid to see what's outside
    Afraid to let someone in
    Afraid I'll have no place to hide.

    There's a barrier between me and you
    One that I can't break down
    One that I really want to destroy
    I'm fed up of letting me drown.
    And the walls are too thick
    The gate is too strong
    There are no windows
    I've been here for so long...
    No light can enter
    No light can leave
    My prison fortress
    I can no longer breathe.

    I suffocate- the fault is all mine
    I suffocate- and give in without trying
    I suffocate- my eyes are now blind
    I suffocate- it's the end of the line.

    Fear of the beyond
    Fear of the unknown
    Fear of being an open book
    Fear of exposing my soul.
    It's kept me in for all these years
    Now that I finally want to break free
    I beat on the gate, upon the walls
    It's no use-
    I'm a prisoner of me.

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    i love it! i love it!

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    Nice job .

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    Very creative. I enjoy these poems. I can strongly feel the emotion

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