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    I'm totally hip-hop, cause I don't stop, that's the style that won't flop //
    Cause no matter the wigger that pulls the trigger in his lines, his rhymes won't faze me, but these cats never cease to amaze me, it's crazy, but I still take every baby who spits lines and turn that beastly gangsta man to a lady // You want tricks of the trade, i'll put the ball between my legs and piss on the sphere, cause this ain't the first year I've had to mop up the tears of fear from opponents I jeer // Your lyrics were written in like, nineteen-fifty, they're weak and shifty, i'm hot sauce for the endless pages of lyrics you threw in Photoshop and can't emboss, your damn filters are lost, the executable is rocked, and the backups in your zip file were cropped just like the last pic of a rock you just dropped // Snoop doesn't approve, your lines are wack, guess who just called, S - N - double O P wants his raps back, all your crap is the same, it's lame, don't even trip or faulter, if you leak, even a bit, you know imma get my hacksaw out and breach it, i don't preach this, but this name, double E to the lie is weakless, so here're my speeches, oh damn, they all sound the same, my bad, i put to shame this rap game....

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    1,949 you have some good rhymes in there

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    Sound good.

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