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    Norma Jean recently filmed a video for their new single "Bayonetwork" with Chris Sims (Eighteen Visions, Lamb Of God) and it is expected to being airing shortly. The track is taken from the band's upcoming album "O' God, The Aftermath", for which a tentative track listing has finally been released:

    01. Murderotica
    02. Vertebraille
    03. Bayonetwork
    04. Dilemmachine
    05. Coffinspire
    06. Liarsenic
    07. Disconnecktie
    08. Absentimental
    09. Charactarantula
    10. Pretendeavor
    11. Scientifiction

    The album is expected out through Solid State on March 1.
    So... I'll keep searching for a place called home:
    I'll rip my roots from this earth into the unknown.
    Is it for the dreams I chased or the ones I caught?
    This mystery, this misery is killing me.
    So, now, I'll leave behind a murder scene.
    My life isn't real; it's just a silhouette—
    and, when the sun goes down, I won't exist.

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    Awseome. Can't wait to hear Norma Jean's new stuff. Hope they play some new tracks at the "Thick As Thieves Tour".

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    Old Norma Jean > New Norma Jean, imo. I guess i'll check out the video when it comes out, though.

    :edit: you can hear some of their new stuff on their purevolume and myspace, btw.

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    ohh i been waiting for this since like...a year ago when i picked up their first album...but its not Josh on vocals im not sure. from what i heard at pure volume i think it will be ok...i hope

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