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    I have kinda a stupid question.

    When you're coding a site and making layouts, how does one get the knowledge to do that stuff? I read about coding and all of that stuff just goes over my head.

    I know almost all of the staff members know how to do this so I'm wondering how they know what they're doing.
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    It's stuff that comes with time. I started coding webpages with a text editor, learning how to code a page myself with nothing more than a list of tags and what they do. Then I went on to "dedicated" editors, but I still sometimes prefer to code stuff manually.

    And, for the layouts, the more you try the better you get : there's no "miracle technique" or anything.
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    I just started with the HTML and stuff in Tripod's code editor. I read a tutorial off . Later on, once I found the ways of P2P, I got DreamWeaver and started using that.

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    its really not that hard, although it can give you a headache after a while if you made a mistake and cant figure out what you did wrong. is a great place to start with the basics like backgrounds, fonts, images, etc. then you can learn about more advanced stuff like frames and such.

    the more you do it, the more you can memorize it, then it pretty much gets easier because you understand it.

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    16,583 is a great site for lessons on almost any scripting language.

    It'd be a good idea to learn XHTML instead of HTML...even thou they're practicually the same thing, X is more update I believe.

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    From a personal standpoint, I taught myself everything I know. I even taught myself how to type.

    When I first started out, I used Expage, which was good for a beginner. Then, I graduated to Yahoo!'s PageBuilder. From there, I taught myself HTML and began exploring real layouts. After that, I found Keaton and he let me whore his Web space and I was able to teach myself even more. I was able to teach myself CSS and some Javascript, as well as expand my knowledge of HTML.

    I don't really know how I first "learned" anything or how I still remember anything, but I do. It's fun. And frustrating.
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    I taught myself as well. I kind of just... looked at other people's code and imitated and learned what I was doing and stuff. Through that, I learned the basics and stuff. Then I sort of just taught myself the rest.
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    Ahhh, I see.

    I'll be taking a webpage design class this semester so I'll probably be learning this stuff. I just hope the class won't be too hard. :wth:

    Thanks for replying.

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