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    When I first heard about Depeche Mode, I only knew about them by name, and that was it. It wasn't until it was announced that Mike was remixing Enjoy the Silence that my interest finally started to show. After listening to the clip on the site, I knew from that point that I wanted to hear more. When October 26th rolled around, I was rather dissapointed that all of the stores only carried the Single CD Edition, and gave up hope for the Three Disc Version until I could affored to import it from the States, and gave up hope of finding it until then.

    Then Christmas Eve rolled around. I went out with my mom and we happened to stop at Future Shop. Shortly after entering the store, I immediately headed over the D section under Pop/Rock and saw something that I thought was unattainable: The Three Disc Limited Edition. I knew I couldn't afford it, so I went over to my mom and said, "If you REALLY want to make me happy this Christmas, could you get me this CD?" She said okay, but as an early brithday present, which just so happens to be be under 3 months away.

    After having lunch, I popped in Disc One. I couldn't have thought of a better way to start off the 37 song collection. The Never Let Me Down Again Remix was perfect. The whole collection, in itself, was great. This being the first Depeche Mode release I own, I was thouroughly impressed. Finally, on Disc Three, it ended just the way it started. The last song was probably the more anticipated remix on the album for the younger generation (That's us, you guys&#33, Mike Shinoda's reinterpretation of Enjoy the Silence. It was a great remix, and it allowed up to see a different side of the song.

    You know, I can't shut up about how good this collection is. I started off wanting to hear more of it, but now I want to hear even more than that. I mean, I want to hear the originals; I want to hear how they evolved into what they are now. For me, this collection was merely a small sample of what I'll be hearing in the future.

    So, I'm going to go kick Abaddon in the balls. Later.

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    I got forty dollars to Best Buy for Christmas. I think I may just have to buy that.

    Cameron, you're not going to regret getting into Depeche Mode. IMHO, they're one of the best bands ever, right up there with The Beatles and Louie Armstrong and his band. Thanks to DM, we know of the genre called SYNTH.

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    Not to mention that they pretty much spearheaded the art of remixing.

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    I used to have a Greatest Hits album of them... i really liked it, it was before my metal era
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    I love Depeche Mode, but I've only heard a couple of songs here and there - "Enjoy The Silence," "Walking In My Shoes," "People Are People" and "Personal Jesus." I want to get into them more, though. I loved Mike's remix of "Enjoy The Silence" just because it was so different from the original.
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    My favorites are "Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix)" and "Enjoy The Silence (Reinterpreted)"

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    i was into depeche mode when they first appeared on the music scene if you havnt already listen to
    blasphemous rumours
    see you
    just cant get enough
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