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    Hi, I'm trying to get a complete site up with all there shows and whatnot and I have every show they ever did except this one cause I just learned about it 3 days ago lol. But so far in 3 days I know the venue is La Boule Noire and I know its in Paris, and I know its between January 1st and the 5th of 2001 and was put together by some French magazine. Idk if there are any French people on this site or even if anybody has even heard about it cause the venue only had 300 people in the audience but any new info would be greatly appreciated, but my main goals are for a setlist and or the exact day they did this show. Thanx Jeff

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    I did that too. We'll release it when the new LPA comes out.

    As for that show, I didn't know there was such a show. The time frame seems right because they were in Paris at the Elysée Montmarte on the 8th of January. That was their first show in 2001. Maybe you can try googling it.

    Oh, and you're most likely to get some site come barking for the list, so for the sake of individuality, I'd recommend you keep it to your site and make sure no one steals it. That way you wouldn't lose hits to another site. I'd be interested to see your list to see if you have anything missing, or vice-versa, though.

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    sounds like a cool idea

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