View Full Version : like I love you

02-01-2004, 05:32 AM
ok guy's this one is about how i feel right now, and don't get me wrong or send any hatemail b/c I know this one is really touchy so.....
a day in the life
or a day in my shoes
no one could stand either
so you'll have to choose
it's like i love you
or at least i think
it's like i need you
i know i do
someone take a walk
for a day in my shoes
someone try to talk
just like i do
I'm glad that im different
but why am i so?
I know no one likes me
so i don't give it a go
i don't have a boyfriend
but lot's of my friends do
like i love you
I'll tell you this
being able to hold you
is my only wish....
This was for anyone I'm feel like i need at the moment, and at this moment it's my friend Derek (no not The Derek).