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06-15-2003, 02:57 AM
Anybody heard of them? Well they have been on the scene for quite a while, with their first effort being 'Dig' (1994). Their new album, the Quicksilver Meat Dream is IMO the best album so far this year. Produced, Mixed, and Engineered by David Bottrill (Tool, Mudvayne), he has brought a progressive edge to their mid-90s alternative style.

IME is:
Brian Byrne - Vocals
Bruce Gordon - Bass
Jagori Tanna - Guitars
Christian Tanna - Drums

Brian is a solid vocalist, with a raspy, vulnerable voice that can turn into a really good scream. But actually, hes the least talented in the band. Bruce Gordon is a great bassist, who turns out churning basslines and hes a looming presence throughout QMD. Jagori is an amazing guitarist. He can do some cool distortions, hard-hitting riffs, nice acoustics and can pull off some great solos. He reminds me of Adam Jones crossed with a Petrucci or a Hammett type of guitarist. And finally, there is Christian Tanna. He is an amazing drummer. His work on QMD can only be bettered by that of Danny Carey's or maybe Mike Portnoy's. He even has a little solo on one song. Here is the track listing for QMD:

1. 0157:H7
2. Choke
3. I Is Us
4. God Rocket (Into the Heart of Los Vegas)
5. Like The Sun
6. Hell & Malfunction
7. Soft Bomb Salad
8. Juicy
9. No Coma
10. Meat Dreams
11. Passenger

I suggest you try their single 'Like the Sun' or 'Hell & Malfunction' to download! Review of this album forthcoming!

06-17-2003, 05:50 PM
good band....where can i get there lyrics

06-17-2003, 11:37 PM
http://www.lyricscafe.com/i/i_mother_earth.htm for lyrics.

At http://www.imenation.com/index.php?cmd=tqmd you can listen to clips of the songs on Real Audio. Unfortunately, the files are streamlined and the sound is bad, but its listenable, so check it out!

07-14-2003, 05:54 PM
1. 0157:H7 - (8/10) - Has a dark electronica feel to it. Just not up to par with the others. Worst on the album.

2. Choke - (9/10) - Very aggressive track with some great guitar work by Jag and raspy vocals by Brian shouting out lyrics like 'A sublime, death dream/Time gets to you like a lover' Cool track.

3. I is Us - (8.5/10) - Next worse track. This one has some catchy moments and good riffs but its just not as good as whats to come!

4. God Rocket - (9.5/10) - A really cool track, starting out with the feel of the first track, but it picks up and gets going with some aggressive lyrics by Brian and an instrumental passage (reminds me of Tool's 'Jimmy') featuring a sweet drum solo by Christian Tanna. A really emotional ending! Great song.

5. Like The Sun - (9.5/10) - The first single from the album is a straightout rocker, but its quite catchy with a solo by Jag letting you know that he can shred it!

6. Hell & Malfunction - (10/10) - This song is AMAZING! A really catchy chorus and cool guitar work to start, then there is a sweet instrumental section with lot's of riffage and a great solo. What I like best though is Bruce's basslines and how they intertwine with Jag's playing.

7. Soft Bomb Salad - (10/10) A groovy bassline and a nice drum beat start this song. Again it launches into a neat solo and riff section. A standout track.

8. Juicy - (10/10) - Jag surpasses himself with his work here. It sounds like a pick bass but its really him and sets up a funky but aggressive feel. Then there's this mellow part and some acoustics, and Brian yells 'Yeah f***in right!' and Jag rips his best solo on the album.

9. No Coma - (9.5/10) The albums power ballad and second single. A pleasant if depressed guitar melody begins and there's also some nice singing and great basslines a la Bruce Gordon. This song is the most radio friendly and sounds almost like a Staind song or a LP ballad like ETR or PMA.

10. Meat Dreams - (10/10) Here is the LEAST radio friendly song and sounds the most like a Tool song ('The Patient' or 'Pushit', perhaps). There are some great drumming moments here, and Christian really sounds like the Tool's drummer Danny Carey (the drum god ;) ) Some cool acoustic-like work by Jag but in the instrumental section is where he shines. There's a some amazing riffs but Bruce's bass is what makes the difference! Downright the best track!

11. Passenger - (10/10) A soft ballad with keyboards and a sythesized drum kit. But Brian makes this one a winner with his vocals. This song is 9 minutes, but at 3:30 the crickets come in (exactly like Tool's 'Disgustipated', a really freaky track), and Jag comes in with all these harsh chords. Its a really cool solo after that and then the album abruptly ends.

Album Rating: 9.5/10
It is the ALBUM OF THE YEAR so far! We'll have to see about APC's new album though!

07-14-2003, 05:59 PM
The Quicksilver Meat Dream is the stupidest title for an album I have ever heard.


It's even worse than limpbizkit's temporary title Panty Sniffer.

07-14-2003, 06:06 PM
Will, the title gives no indication of the great music inside. I care as little for your dumb antics as much I care for LB's new album. I don't think Fred Durst could even spell that album name.

07-15-2003, 01:43 AM
Thats great to know Will that you think it is such a stupid title. Anyhow though yah i really like IMO's new stuff. They have really come along way from the days when they had Edwina s their lead singer. I am glad that Edwin left the group and started a new band with The Pressure. Cause i think that made IMO like twenty times better now. Although the song "One More Astronaught" was pretty cool when they still ahd Edwin in the band.

07-15-2003, 06:27 PM
I agree, they've come along way and tQMD's unique 'progressive' sound akin to Tool with an alternative edge from their previous albums was a good mix.

'One More Astronaut' is an amazing song. Great chorus and there's one part that I really love where there's guitar, drum solos and even some keyboards thrown in! And Bruce did some great work!