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06-01-2003, 10:01 PM
On May 15th, 2003, KJ-52's video for "Dear Slim" was shown on TRL. Now, they only showed it up to the end of the first verse where they cut it off. The hosts then proceded to accuse KJ of dissing Eminem, which wasn't really KJ's intent when he wrote the song. This probably all could have been avoided if the producers were smart enough to show the whole video.

A few days ago, KJ posted about the controversy surrounding "Dear Slim" on his website. This is what he had to say (This is a long entry. Sit tight):

Let me start by explaining how the whole MTV/TRL situation happened. We shot the "Dear Slim" video back in Aug of 2002 mainly with the reason that since it was the most talked about song on the LP it would be best that it had a video to accompany it. We never did it with the expressed idea of "Wow it would be great to get this on MTV and really make some money!!!". Generally when you have a song and it has a lot of buzz about it you would want the song to be more than just audio but visual also... so as to give it a well rounded feel. Ironically I had to slightly fight to get this as the video for the album because the label felt MTV would never play it (also ironically I said it didn't matter because MTV wasn't going to play some no-name Christian emcee on some indie label anyways). The video was serviced to the basic Christian TV video show outlets and that was that..

I think what happened was that it was sent to MTV2 on a whim (not really expecting it to be used or even considered) but they actually got back to us in April and said it was going to be considered for MTV2. While this was a cool hookup I didn't really think a lot of it and honestly I forgot about it. I had a show on May 16th in Canada and was in transit to the show that evening when (after checking my vmail) I got a frantic call from my label owner saying that it was going to be played at 4PM today (it was about 3:30 when I got the message). I was pretty psyched to say the least and blown away by the opportunity but I had no way to watch it as I was stuck in Toronto traffic!

However I let my wife know all about this and she was able to hold the phone up to the TV while it was being promo'ed on TRL. I started to get nervous as they were billing the as "eminem diss.. you decide??' all the way building up to the song. The song was never intended as a diss (I even say this in the song) but it didn't really suprise me that it might be billed like that in order to build hype. However, I just figured the song would speak for itself and people could decide for themselves. Well.. little did I know that they were only going to play the first verse and the chorus and basically cut the song off before anything blatantly spiritual could be said along with a deeper explanation of the song. The first verse is easily the least "spiritual" of the song and could be misconstrued as a diss (though I will be explaining the whole song line later), and I really felt set up especially when the VJ was basically reducing me to some wannabe who was trying to make himself a name by "calling" out Eminem.

That was it, no chance for rebuttal, no chance to hear my side of the story.. Not even a chance to see the whole video.

KJ-52 will hope to further explain himself in a song called "Dear Slim Pt. 2," which will be on his upcoming release, "It's Pronounced FiveTwo," dropping on Sept. 9th.

You can also check out his rapcore side-project, Peace of Mind. You can find their first single, "I Am" on mp3.com. Their self-titled debut album is already in stores.

KJ-52 is also featured on a track called "Stay Up," which appears on Pillar's June 10th release, "Fireproof."