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06-01-2003, 06:50 PM
Alright, I&#39;m going to try and lay this out as simply as possible. I am not really PHP-smart, so I need anyone who does know PHP to help. Okay, so I know there&#39;s a script that lets you post something somewhere else, and have it also be posted on another page. I think it&#39;s the way LPA does the news, but anyways, I wanted to know if anyone knew how to insert that into a page and make it kind of do the same? Is it like the <?php include="whatever.php";?>, or would it be an insert like {whatever}, or anything like that? I&#39;m so confused and I really need it for a project >_<.
The only thing I think I know is that it is a link that is inserted into the page that will have it take whatever is at that link to the current page. Something like that...

Thanks in advanced to anyone who can understand that and help me :lol:.

06-01-2003, 11:10 PM
To clear up how LPA "does it". All of out content is stored on a database and the HTML is stored in template files. So we can post news here which gets put into the forums database while LPAs custom script can read that same data and display it on the main pages. There is NO static page where content is shown/stored.

As for the include function (which LPA does not use but can do your job) take a look at this. (http://uk.php.net/manual/en/function.include.php)

- Alex

06-02-2003, 01:50 AM
Thanks for the link and stuff, Alex :D.

After several hours of studying the scripts and such on my own... I finally figured out how it&#39;s done and have just successfully finished it :lol:. It&#39;s... really confusing :blink:.