View Full Version : Submit songs to my online Radio Station

12-01-2011, 01:04 AM
I just set up an online Radio station. It's called Underground Online and I'm trying to feature as many underground and indie artists on it as I can. I know theres a lot of talent on here and I wanted to feature some of you guys on it. My hope is to later on release mixtapes along with people who are on the radio station which will be hosted by some prominent DJ's in the game. It's small but I'm hoping to build up on it slowly and make it into something real big. You can check it out at rahatc.blogspot.com

It's the music player that starts playing once you enter the site, right now it has a couple songs from me and from two other Artists. I'm looking to add more so if you want something on there send me an email at rahat.music@gmail.com

If you guys do submit something to be on the music station I ask (you don't have to) but I ask that if you have the ability to record yourself doing a drop to be played before your song I'd appreciate that as well. It doesn't have to be amazing quality or anything just a simply drop of you saying something like this:

"Whats up this is (insert your name here) and your listening to Rahat's (pronounced Ra-hot) Underground Online Music station. You can check out my stuff at (let them know where they can check you out.)"

It doesn't have to be exactly like that you can be as creative as you like and change it around to be what you want, that's just the basic format I'm looking for. Would really appreciate your support and participation in this hope to hear back from you guys!