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05-16-2003, 06:59 AM
Hey everyone, I think Omar just wants me to put all my poems in one topic so I'll do him that favor. I don't know how often I'll update this but keep checking for poems of the past and present.
This poem was written for my first long-term girlfriend.

Nothing Even Matters

It feels good, when my name you call.
You make me wanna faint or fall.
I was in a trance when you, I first saw,
Because nothing even matters at all.
Be with me, in this world so small,
Please, letís never bicker or brawl.
From my heart, my love youíll never withdraw,
Because nothing even matters at all.

You canít disguise your true beauty,
Since thatís what makes me so loony.
If I was blind, I know youíd make me see,
Because nothing even matters to me.
I could gaze at you endlessly,
As we kiss ever-so gently.
If I had to, Iíd climb the tallest tree,
Because nothing even matters to me.

Iíve had others just come and then go,
But I still remain to love you so.
You thrill me and look more divine than before,
Because nothing even matters anymore.
When youíre here, thereís no place that Iíll go,
Iíd be kissing you from head to toe.
I wish that I could buy you big gifts from stores,
Because nothing even matters anymore.

To be with you again, each night I pray,
Since a fondness deep in my heart you make.
You leave me speechless with nothing at all to say,
Because nothing even matters in any way.
Youíre as bright as the sun shines each new day.
The looks you possess take my breath away.
Itís impossible for my love for you to fade,
Because nothing even matters in any way.

Weíve had our good times, and our times of blue,
But through it all, I keep on loving you.
No one can or will ever love you like I do,
Because nothing even matters except for you.
I feel blissful when you say, ďI love you.Ē
With passion, I reply, ďI love you too.Ē
Love me baby, thatís all Iím asking you to do,
Because nothing even matters except for you.

05-19-2003, 02:57 AM
Here's some contrast: This poem was for that same girl after she played me numerous times.

Donít Know Why

I should have seen this coming, but it never occurred,
That you would drop me just like that, like sh!t from a bird.
In one second, my feelings had changed,
From happiness, to more f***ing pain.
Thatís just like you Kimberly, leaving me here,
But what goes around will come around my dear.
The hell with my feelings, like it means anything to you.
You just love to have me suffer in agony, donít you?!
Why do you do this?! What the hell did I do?!
Iím not gonna be depressed; I wonít cry too.
I donít know why I keep falling for your looks,
If you back-stab me so hard, like youíre a crook.
How could you say you love me, and dis me with a snap?!
Iím so sick of this sh!t, because I feel like Iím trapped.
I loved you, but you were the one who f***ing lied.
After two times, I guess I donít get it do I?!
Well, thatís my damn personal problem I have now, not yours,
So just deal with your man, & donít play with my heart no more.
You didnít even give me time,
But just f***ing left me behind.
I donít know why I still have feelings; youíre so cold,
And my heart is no longer yours to ever hold.
Iím just trying to forget anything youíve ever said,
As I sit and stare into nothing, shaking my lone head.
It will take a while, maybe even weeks for my heart to heal up and mend,
And youíll be trying to apologize and sh!t, but you donít need to pretend.
Just let me let it all out; at myself Iím so mad.
I feel like sh!t and like I was used; it hurts bad.
Still, I donít know why I had my hopes up,
If the whole time, you didnít give a f***.
Somebody hit me for being so dumb!
The joy left in me is practically none.
Itís aggravating me so deep inside.
I thought you loved me, but I donít know why.
Now I see whatís really going on,
You f***ed me up again, and thatís wrong.
Yeah really Kimberly, some f***ing ďhappyĒ late birthday it is,
Since Iíve been anticipating for what, to be treated like sh!t?!
All I wanted was to be with you one more endless time,
But you deceived and I was shocked, and I donít know why.
Iíll hide forever in a place so small,
ďBecause nothing even matters at all.Ē

05-19-2003, 04:21 PM
Another lot of good stuff......Keep it up! :)

[Darken Hybrid]
05-23-2003, 12:38 AM
both poems are really good.

05-23-2003, 10:50 AM
Thanks guys, I'll update soon. ^_^

05-25-2003, 07:56 AM
I used to talk to this girl and we were about to start going steady and something out-of-the-blue destroyed that chance. We had a huge argument and eventually she forgave me and we started over with a friendship. Here's the poem I wrote for her when she forgave me. P.S. It's not supposed to rhyme. ;)

One Step, Two

Apparently things are working thus far.
It doesnít mean that things are okay from before,
But Iím trying my best this time to make it work.
Iím hoping weíre able to establish our basis,
Our beginnings and introduction to a story of wonder.
A novel of friendship that will evolve out of the dirtiest and darkest of gutters.
Iíve been a fool to you,
Been a fool to myself.
No longer will I play the role and the acting shall cease,
Decreasing what was ďfakeĒ and increasing our bonding.
To bond and to be closer is my goal,
Showing you I care and you can trust me,
Depend on me and expect to see me there for all your terrible days,
Days I couldnít try and make splendid by being the best for you.
How long it takes isnít the question because I have all the time in the world,
Of the universe and all the other worlds to prove to you that Iím patient,
Wherever it is this is going,
As I hope it leads to bliss and delightfulness.
With all the colors of friendship and trust,
We can paint a work of art,
A masterpiece if you will,
A creation that people will awe in and admire,
Like the way I adore you and how you let me be a part of your life.
We could sculpt and build this into a statue,
A monument of precious memories and wonderful emotions.
I want my arms to be the ones you feel most comfortable in,
Like the snugness when youíre warm in bed on a cold winter day.
Iíll be somebody that will not only listen but also respond and make an effort.
Someone to guide you when youíre lost in the woods,
Confused on your direction youíre traveling,
Not sure on your next move in this game of chess,
This game of life that isnít even a game at all.
The infinite steps towards reaching the top,
Seems not so impossible now that I believe in us and you care.
Up the steps with any knowledge I pick up on the way,
Iíll be at the top with a wide smile on my face,
With a happy future to look forward to,
And weíll see our treasure glare in the sun,
The treasure being the completion of our wonderful friendship,
Our masterpiece and our sculpture.
I donít have to worry
Donít need to fear climbing alone.
There you are, right by my side climbing with me,
Me climbing with you.

05-25-2003, 10:17 AM
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05-26-2003, 02:26 AM
Thank you for the positive feedback. :)

05-28-2003, 08:04 AM
I got really close to a girl I really liked over the summer a few years back. She really lead me on by doing things like holding my hand, sitting on my lap, etc. So I figured she liked me too and I went ahead and told her. Well, it turned out she didn't. I was so upset. She said she'd still be my friend and all, but how do you stay with friends with someone after you open up your heart and they smash it? She hurt me real bad. Check this one out and grab some tissue.

<div align=center>Open Up

I want you to think of me everyday,
Miss me every second in every hour.
I want you to say that in your heart I lay,
And to smile whenever I bring you flowers.
I want you to trust me with all you have,
Kiss me when a frown slips on my face.
I want you to promise me that in my arms youíll always be glad,
That youíll come to love me at a slow pace.
I want you to tell me we will never end,
That the love will continue to grow and be strong.
I want you to be open and not pretend,
Be honest so that nothing will ever go wrong.
I want you to treasure every moment we share,
Reminiscing when you held my hand tight.
I want you to be my lady and always care,
Praying for our love to the stars each night.
I want you to kiss my cheek when I cry,
Tell me itíll be okay and be my friend.
I want you to be my lady for all time,
Damn, wake me up because Iím only dreaming again.
I donít think I can walk again,
With all this pain in my heart that kills.
I donít think weíll be more than friends,
If you need me, be there by your side, I will.
I donít think I can stop feeling weak,
My heart depends on your love to live.
I donít think there isnít one time I melt when you speak,
You bring out my inner thoughts within.
I donít think youíll see how I yearn,
Iíll love alone and hurt on my own.
I donít think I will ever learn,
Living a dark & gloomy life alone.
Why must I go on living without you by my side?
Why must my heart hurt so much I cry?
Why must I be so unhappy and yet fool others?
Why must I be a good friend of yours but not your lover?
Why canít you talk nice about me like you do Ďbout him?
Why does life only get darker as if the lights have dimmed?
Why do people tell me itíll get better when it has not?
Why donít you get so excited whenever itís something I bought?
Why do you treat me so nicely and yet I canít have you as my own?
Why are we so perfect for each other the forces of nature say ďnoĒ?
Why do you sit there and look pretty when all I can do is watch and adore?
Why canít we take walks on the beach on ocean shores?
Why does the heart never truly heal but yet get weaker with the lack of love?
Why do I feel Iím ready to join the angels in the Heavens up above?
Why isnít there enough time in life to admire you longer?
Why must I soften up rather than become stronger?
Why do I stare at you and wish I could hold your hand?
Why do I ask you how youíve been and howís your man?
Why do I hide the truth and lie to myself inside?
Why does everyone think Iím okay when I really hide?
Why isnít it obvious by now that I need you?
Why wonít you give me one damn chance to prove?
Why is it that you donít see the sorrow in my eyes?
Why is the hardest part of leaving saying goodbye?
Why have you had an effect on me for months of time?
Why doesnít anyone else understand me when I lie?
Why does everyone say move on to someone new?
Why canít they see that someone new is you?
Why doesnít anyone else help me get through this?
Why do I disguise what I feel when itís you I miss?
Why do I feel secure every time you hug me?
Why donít I want to let go when I know you donít love me?
Why are your eyes so pretty that I canít leave?
Why do I keep giving and giving when itís plain to see?
Why donít I have control over this?
Why canít I just end this poem and finish?
Why does my heart break when I think about you?
Why do write when I have nothing else to do?
Why did you lead me on and you know you did but you ignore?
Why do you get away with hurting me each day more and more?
Why am I willing to give you all my time to be together?
Why do I want us to share a love thatíll last forever?
Why do I dream the way I dream?
Why canít I wake up and face reality?
Why did you do this to me?
Why wonít you stay with me?
Why are you everything to me?

05-28-2003, 08:35 AM

I can also see it being called &#39;Why?&#39; :lol:

05-28-2003, 09:11 AM
I&#39;m more of a working-title kind of man. ;)
I start off with a name and sometimes try not to use it in the poem at all. That way, you interpret the title your way.

.Ŗroken Fist
05-28-2003, 11:19 AM
I like them all alot

05-28-2003, 01:14 PM
they are great &#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33; (w00t)

.Ŗroken Fist
05-28-2003, 01:20 PM
You should be a published poet

05-28-2003, 09:57 PM
Thanks, everyone&#33; :D

05-28-2003, 10:01 PM
Originally posted by Neo@May 28 2003, 05:57 PM
Thanks, everyone&#33; :D
Everyone gives me praise for writing such great poems and songs yet I never praise anyone else.

Well, that&#39;s going to change:

Neo, you&#39;re an amazing poet. You rock bro. :)

05-28-2003, 10:07 PM
:blush: I appreciate that, Will.

05-28-2003, 10:15 PM
Originally posted by Neo@May 28 2003, 06:07 PM
:blush: I appreciate that, Will.
Hey, it&#39;s true. You&#39;re very talented.

I could see these being published someday, they&#39;re real good. :)

06-01-2003, 02:52 AM
A few years ago, I went to my Sophomore Winter Ball with this friend of mine. Well, we got really close that night, and I even ended up holding her hand a few times. It really felt like she was feeling me too, as if we were already going out. The following Monday, when I told her I wanted to take it a step foward, she told me she didn&#39;t want to. She said she held my hand because it was "part of the moment" and all this other stuff. Here&#39;s the poem I wrote in my suffering:

<div align=center>Put Me Down

I do it to myself all the time and make myself cry.
I put myself down; make dark, hidden feelings come alive.
So go ahead, tell me you just want to be friends.
Add more sorrow to all my pain that never ends.
Tell me youíre sorry, and you donít like me that way.
Say that Iím sweet, tell me that itíll be okay.
After all, itís just another dumb broken heart in the wind.
Oh sure, Iíll be fine, Iíve been here often, you canít imagine.
What exactly do you expect or want me to say?
We were getting so close as the night drifted away.
I may not be attractive for you from the outside,
But believe me, I know I really care for you, deep inside.
You know I care for you, why are you doing this?
Why were you pretending? It felt much more than bliss.
Leave me here, crying in the shadows alone.
So is this really how you want things to go?
Maybe It didnít really mean nothing much to you,
But it was butterflies in my stomach like the flu.
I had hope that things would keep going, but now I donít believe.
How you can tell me you have no feelings, I just canít perceive.
I know youíre really into someone else,
But that night, I had you all to myself.
It felt like we were a couple; the smile on your face.
The dress you wore, how you seemed so elegant with grace.
The night was perfect; it felt like you forgot all about him,
But I was to find out this wasnít true, once that school came in.
ďIt was part of the moment,Ē is all that you just have to say,
But I had hoped it would start something in the upcoming days.
The days after the special night felt like you were avoiding me,
Always getting away, never letting me get a chance to speak.
You have no idea how much courage it took just to hold your hand.
You donít get how much Iím hurting here, you really donít understand.
Never had I seen you in that light; in that way,
I didnít know that just one night could make things change.
That night was all I had, but it was so right.
Dancing with you, holding you with all my might.
I donít hate you for this, but just know you put me down.
My pain is crying out loud, but you canít hear a sound.</div>

06-01-2003, 09:08 PM
wow. neo youre AMAZING. i love your lyrics. theyre so deep. i think (do i dare say??) that u might give LP a run for their money. lol.

06-02-2003, 02:32 AM
::Looks up at topic title::

It&#39;s poetry, my friend; not lyrics. ;)

But thanks for the positive remarks. It was much appreciated. :)

06-03-2003, 02:53 AM
yes, i no, i just mean your words, how you said (well, actually, typed ) out your words. really good. bring back some more &#39;poetry&#39;&#33;&#33;

06-03-2003, 02:55 AM
Wow.. We have alot of really talented people on these Forums :mellow:

Damn.. I never knew poetry could be good till I read these.. Awsome Neo&#33; Good job..

06-03-2003, 03:10 AM
This girl and I got close in the summer a few years ago. She sent me all these signals that she liked me so I told her the truth that I liked her but she rejected the idea of taking it further than friendship. After that, we still remained friends but I kept admiring her and her beauty inspired me to write. Here&#39;s a poem I wrote for her.

<div align=center>Wednesday

Iíve come so far, why should I give up now?
I fall for her all over again whenever sheís around.
Her voice soothes me and calms my stress.
She brings out inner feelings each time my dayís a mess.
Sheís the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep.
It all started out so little yet I knew itíd grow so deep.
Money is the root of all evil, jealousy is the key to such pain.
Dreams can bring such happiness, and love can do all the same.
I admire how she can take me apart and put me back together.
The way she opens the doors of my soul and shines on me is all so clever.
In the sunlight or in the pouring rain,
The way I adore her would never change.
The idea of abandoning my emotions is easier said then done.
My heart will move on when itís time, but for now she is my sun.
More than anything I want a smile to remain on her face.
Love canít be forced, but with the right ingredients, it can be made.
Things in life shall never remain the same.
With a little time and space, thereís a possibility her feelings could change.
Each morning I rise with the tune of her singing in my head.
I had to tell her how I felt, no longer could I hide or pretend.
Just a giggle sends my senses into a turbulent and amazing ride.
Only a glance from her eyes and my heart is pounding rapidly inside.
There are times I plan things word by word,
But each time Iím ready to tell her, I lose my nerve.
I walk around hoping that itís the day she has a change of heart.
Iím not that someone in her life and so it does tear me apart.
I anticipate that someday in some way the winds will shift direction,
And this beautiful, superb queen will give me her affection.
I daydream of her since my dreams of the night before are nebulous in the morning.
I could stay indoors and write about her all day when outside the rain is pouring.
Sheís my inspiration to my hopes and dreams.
Sheís such an icon because sheís much more than she seems.
She knows my past and what Iíve been through.
Maybe sheís hiding something and I donít know the whole truth.
Talking and laughing with each other is almost each day.
Taking her hand and walking along the shores of the ocean is a dream away.
I dream deep of a getaway far from the other people in our lives.
We could sit upon a high mountain and watch the sunset side by side.
Iím ready to commit and devote with the snap of her fingers.
Years from here, you will see that my feelings for her will still linger.
Sometimes I just lay there in bed with so much of her on my mind.
She just seems to take up almost all of my time.
Maybe things will never change and sheíll never have that feel.
Hopefully weíll never stop being close and real.
If we canít settle down and start a love,
I want her to still be that special angel sent from above.
Just another repetitive day out of many, why bother to go out and have fun?
Because she was a part of this as the other days, and that makes it special enough.</div>

arT saveS
06-03-2003, 04:34 PM
I&#39;ve just got one word to say: THATS F*CKING AMAZING SH&#33;T&#33;&#33; :P

1..2..3..4...Ok I just have 4 words to say...

06-04-2003, 01:39 AM
wow. WOW :o GREAT&#33;&#33;&#33; dammit, i wish i can write like you, neo. not fair.

[Darken Hybrid]
06-04-2003, 03:11 AM
wow, Neo. I&#39;m impressed. You have done a wondeful job writing those poems. They are all awesome, honestly.

06-04-2003, 04:04 AM
All of your comments have been much appreciated; thank you all&#33; ^_^

06-05-2003, 01:11 AM
I was fortunate enough to have a poem published in a book. I guess heartbreak has its advantages. So anyway, that girl I went to Winter Ball with, well, even though she said she didn&#39;t want to take it further than friends, we sorta did. We went to a party where we ended up making out. After that night, we started getting really close and people started assuming we were going steady. Well, our Valentine&#39;s Day date came, and on that night, she said we had to stop. It was the worst thing in the world to be turned down twice. Not only that, I was feeling love towards her, but she only called it lust - ouch.

Here&#39;s the poem that was published. Following this will be the original version, as the original was too long for the book.

Oh yeah, this is not the typical type of poem I write. It is structured to give it more emphasis where I want it. The last word of each line is also the first of the next line; or something like that - think of it as one long sentence. It&#39;s a type of style I was taught my sophomore year in high school, but I can&#39;t remember the name.

Ponder (Version 2)

to consider carefully and think
my feelings were for you
said not to take it the wrong way
is how i took
never felt so good and yet so painful
my heart was sometimes
you could make me feel so happy.

you ended it too soon and now i reminisce about
the past
few nights iíve cried for you so hard
it is to get through the days
are just so pointless and monotonous
my life once was until you stepped in
and then you stepped out of my life
revolves around you
are the reason i smile and iíd do anything to get you back
in my arms and feel your lips against mine again
love has deceived me.



to consider carefully and think
my feelings were for you
said not to take it the wrong way
is how i took
never felt so good and yet so painful
my heart was sometimes
you could make me feel so happy

i never thought things like this would happen between us
we shared a secret no one knew
how much i cared
for you
i would have done anything and i still
you remember the times
we shared
romantic moments but you called it lust

you ended it too soon and now i reminisce about
the past
few nights iíve cried for you so hard
it is to get through the days
are just so pointless and monotonous
my life once was until you stepped in
and then you stepped out of my life
revolves around you
are the reason i smile and iíd do anything to get you back
in my arms and feel your lips against mine again
love has deceived me

i didnít see it coming because there was no sign
of you saying to just leave it all behind you
and i
believe i was meant to be yours and you to be mine for all
can only decide what becomes of my cries
are of you but i still care for you with all my might
i hold it inside so goodbye
my valentine
you may come back to me anytime

06-05-2003, 01:56 AM
Ponder is excellent, you can tell when something is just pressed out of a factory and when it&#39;s pressed out of someone&#39;s heart, truly astounding :)

06-05-2003, 01:56 AM
Jawknee, err.....Neo, err......you there&#33; That was a really good poem, I can relate to it in a way. ^_^

06-05-2003, 02:03 AM
good job. like always. :D

06-05-2003, 04:32 AM
Thank you everyone for the praise. :)

06-05-2003, 05:12 AM
how did you get so good @ writing, ne---i mean jawknee?

06-05-2003, 05:17 AM

Sad, but true.

06-06-2003, 04:11 AM
yea, its sad, but whats it worth for belting out some songs?

jk, but i really do love your writing. keep doing a good job&#33; (like always)

[Darken Hybrid]
06-06-2003, 05:24 AM
Originally posted by Jawknee@Jun 5 2003, 12:17 AM

Sad, but true.
yeah, whenever I get really angry or sad I get this feeling to write rhymes.

06-08-2003, 04:15 AM
Thanks to whoever it was that changed this to "Jawknee&#39;s Poetry." :D

06-08-2003, 06:10 AM
Originally posted by [Darken Hybrid]+Jun 6 2003, 05:24 AM--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE ([Darken Hybrid] @ Jun 6 2003, 05:24 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin--Jawknee@Jun 5 2003, 12:17 AM

Sad, but true.
yeah, whenever I get really angry or sad I get this feeling to write rhymes. [/b][/quote]
Same with me. It&#39;s weird.

06-10-2003, 12:20 PM
Remember that girl I had a summer thing with? Well, she moved at the end of summer&#33; I was so upset when she told me she had to move because even though I was heartbroke that she didn&#39;t have feelings for me, we were still being great friends. I made her a CD of all the songs that reminded me of the memories we had that summer, along with a small poem inside.

<div align=center>

As time goes by, I want to hold onto our memories so tightÖ
Iím scared to watch my angel take flightÖ
Worried to see her leave my side and vanish from my sightÖ
In the silence my heart is pounding loudlyÖ
The tears I canít resist to hold back as they fight profoundlyÖ
Your voice echoing in my ear as I toss and turn, never again to sleep soundlyÖ
You need not say a word for I can read your thoughts like a bookÖ
I tried to deny to myself that youíll be departing but now Iím all shookÖ
Iíve come to grips that things wonít be the same and look how long it tookÖ
Itís hard enough that Iím sadly anticipating the day you must goÖ
I donít know whether I should hold myself back or let myself flowÖ
If I canít fight it, my true feelings of lament will showÖ
But you must not cry so much for we will meet againÖ
This is only a goodbye, not the endÖ
We will always be one anotherís friendÖ
Iíll always have the chance to reminisce on our memories from the pastÖ
These memories will be more reflective as time passes in the hourglassÖ
Iíll never forget you with these moments that we shareÖthat we forever haveÖ</div>

06-10-2003, 05:08 PM
I like what I&#39;m reading here mate...you&#39;ve done a good job on each and every one of these poems. They&#39;re honest, clear and some of the imagry that accompanies these feelings are pretty powerful...

Yeah...poetry can be triggered from many things in life...I mean...I read a poem a few days ago about an onion...original is it not?

Anyway I&#39;m going off topic now. Nice work there Jawknee...Keep it up ;)

06-10-2003, 05:19 PM
seriously jawnkee, i think u should start writing music, not poems

im sure u could come out with some KICKASS material

these poems rock

06-10-2003, 09:57 PM
Thank you, guys. I&#39;ve only written one song before and it&#39;s really wordy. Hehe, that&#39;s me for you.

I&#39;ll try writing songs another day. :)

06-11-2003, 06:17 AM
I used to have this huge crush on this girl named Shazia my freshmen year of high school. I tried that entire school year to win her over with poems and such but with no success and I finally gave up. My junior of high school was her senior year, and as a surprise, I wrote her one last poem as a goodbye for she was now off to college. See what you think of this little charm.
<div align=center>
Itís Been So Long

From the time I adored you as a young lady,
Iíve grown to love you as a young woman in the present.
You changed my life around years ago,
And out of the blue I write to you because now you will go;
Go and take on the rest of the world,
As the still beautiful sweetheart Iíve always known.
I nearly write in tears as I realize itís come to an end;
Tears of joy and sadness altogether because weíre still friends.
I tried so hard to win your heart,
But it only tore me apart,
And I realize now that the less I tried,
The more I would come to care for you truthfully and sincere,
And perhaps the more you would appreciate how Iíve honored you these years.
Iíve grown since the time my heart desired and chased you,
And I silently watched you evolve rapidly before my eyes.
Never had I known intellectuality and beauty so true,
And now that you will depart, it makes me want to cry.
Remember me not only as the foolish boy who longed for a chance,
But as the young foolish boy who finally grew into a young man.
I misused the term ďloveĒ so many times that it disappoints me,
For now after years of experience, I know the definition much more proficiently.
Iím sorry for perhaps pressuring you those months from the past,
And you can say that maybe I was going at it a little too fast.
I donít blame you for anything,
But I thank you for everything.
I still stop in amazement when our eyes bond for even a split second of time,
Because I still think of you as the beautiful silhouette, protruding from all else in my life.
Youíre the entity that still causes my heart to freeze up and then rapidly thump loudly.
I can only smile when I see you,
Knowing that you will always be you,
Because if you ask me, youíre even more astounding.
Never will I forget you and the memories we had years back;
Maybe they werenít that much or too grand,
But it still makes me wrapped with bliss when I remember the past.
You taught me a good many pointers that will surely help;
A few notes on the side that will do me good,
Because itís valuable and essential to learn from someone you care for,
And I care for you beyond the natural feelings of an average gentlemen.
I love you, Shazia;
And this time I mean it;
I adore, care, and feel safe when Iím with you.
You will always be that special person I tried so hard to prove myself to.
Years from now, reminiscing these times with and about you will bring me joy.
Iíll miss you when youíre gone.
You never let me down,
And thatís why my feelings for you have stayed strong.

06-12-2003, 02:02 AM
Awww . . . . . it&#39;s so sweet . . . I love it&#33;

06-16-2003, 08:31 AM
This is probably the first poem I wrote about the girl I had summer thing with. This was just when I started to realize how much I was falling for her and thinking whether or not I should tell her I like her more than friends. I met her way back in the beginning of the school year but I didn&#39;t get to know her then because she had someone already. Finally, summer came and she was single.

<div align=center>
Falling Again

I hear your voice being carried around like the leaves in the wind.
When will you appear and bring out a new sensation from within.
Will I always have times when I often look back upon the past?
If you show and we may be, will you love me with time and not go fast?
I need to feel you like the waves of the ocean against my feet.
I need to taste you like lemonade on a summer day with ease.
With all my patience I await your presence in my arms each night.
Pretending itís you, I sleep while holding my pillow so tight.
You may be one small person in this world,
But Iím one small person and youíre my world.
If only I could tell you that youíre my moon.
If only I could tell you that youíre my sun.
If only I could tell you how much I think about you.
Maybe you wouldnít understand me and think Iím dumb.
Youíll never know how Iím falling for you day by day.
Iíll never know if you think about me unless I ask if you feel the same.
Maybe you have someone in your life and I donít know.
Maybe Iím rushing into things, or maybe Iím just too slow.
Lifeís like a chessboard.
Sometimes I wonder if youíre waiting for me to make my move.
Loveís like surfing on a surfboard.
You donít know when the waves will crash down on you.
You make me laugh and make me smile each day.
When I hear you say my name, you ignite such a flame.
You cross my mind more than once a night.
Seeing you is bliss to my pair of eyes.
If youíre down, I do what I can to hear you laugh again.
I donít want anybody else but you with me until the end.
My heart sticks to you like caramel on an apple bright red,
Like ice, I want to melt when I hear you, over and over again.
A smile flashes on me like lightning,
And my heart beats as loud as thunder.
I hate to see the day weíre fighting.
I think about you so much and I wonder:
Would I ever have a chance to be lucky like the ones before?
Can I tell you that you look pretty all the time and you make my heart soar?
They say thereís more fish in the sea,
But I snagged one that I want to keep.
In a dream, we dance underneath the stars so bright,
And your eyes glisten off the sparkling moonlight.
The temptation of your beauty makes it hard to resist.
With the aroma of love filling our senses we lock lips and kiss.
I hold you divinely and you glow underneath the moon.
We sit down and have a candlelight dinner for two.
Itís just a dream, but who says dreams donít come true?
Here I go falling again; falling for you.</div>

This girl really had an effect on me. Even though we really lost touch when school began, I loved her from afar. She started falling for another boy and I told her it didn&#39;t look promising with him. In January, her sister threw a party and I got to dance with this girl to one slow song. Some time after the party, the boy broke her heart and I felt bad because I was right about my prediction that it wouldn&#39;t work between them. Here you go:

<div align=center>Days Of Thought

I may be a fool to like someone so young,
But I canít hold back what I feel for her.
Some people can think and may just call me dumb,
But they donít know how it feels; theyíre not sure.
It kills me that she likes somebody else;
How her face brightens when she hears his name.
I wish I could have her all to myself,
But I doubt if she even feels the same.
To have seen her cry on that day;
It was just the worst sight you could see.
All the tears she let go; the pain.
Itís not how I wanted things to be.
How things just turned out so wrong.
I should of said nothing and just kept out.
That night, I just cried so long,
And now, I carry around a dark cloud.
Iím to blame, whether it was all true or not.
It kills me, seeing her cry in my head again.
I care about her so much, has she forgot?
I want to be here for her, always with no end.
I like her, and I just want to leave it as that,
Because I know there is someone in her life.
I know how it is, I really do understand,
But I keep thinking of her, watching her cry.
I want her to know that Iím truly sorry,
Sheís too sweet to cry like I had seen.
If sheíd only seen, but she never saw me,
With tears on my face, I cried to sleep.
Hearing her voice, itís so beautiful, Iím in awe.
How I adore her whenever she sings.
Hopefully things will work out for her after all.
She doesnít deserve any bad things.
The one night that we danced,
I held her gently, nervously in my arms.
My heart raced with romance.
I felt safe; nothing could have brought any harm.
The scent of her remains in my senses strong.
The song we danced to keeps playing in my mind.
I didnít mean to make things work out all wrong.
I really like her, and my heart doesnít lie.</div>

06-17-2003, 02:34 AM
Wow . . .

06-17-2003, 09:21 AM
These are 2 more poems dedicated to the summer girl.

<div align=center>
Verbal Consequence

I walk around and forget what day it is.
I donít really care about none of this.
The only thing that matters is she.
All I want is her to be happy.
Yet why do I want something she doesnít bring me anymore?
ďOnly friendsĒ she proclaims and I feel like friends we are no more.
Itís a different feeling when someone turns you down.
How I have to keep going on like nothing happened, I donít know how.
It seems as if it were so easy for her to say the things she says to me.
She has no idea how much I have to struggle and hide it so she wonít see.
How much I die when I hear her voice in my ears.
Each time I think about her feelings for him, it just brings me tears.
Itís amazing how a few words can affect someoneís life.
Well, just a couple she said to me, and now day-by-day I strive.
Sheís different from the rest, and thatís why I sought to win her heart.
Why did she have lead me on when we were at the park?
I donít want to get my hopes up ever again.
Iím hoping that by tomorrow, my life will end.
Torture is all my heart receives.
In love I shall never again believe.
I used to have hope in miracles but now Iím clueless to whatís going on.
Why does it seem as if all my luck in love goes completely wrong?
Maybe I shouldnít have asked how she felt so I wouldnít be this way.
I could have continued to adore her from afar, but now Iíll cry always.
Slowly, my happiness is slipping like the sand of an hourglass.
Once again, on the road of life, I have had another crash.
She promised things would be the same, but her words are now empty.
We talk and itís not the same, and soon my sorrow will be plenty.
I donít know why I bother or try to find someone I can trust and love.
No one is willing to give me their heart and I watch all my other friends hook up.
When she said she didnít feel the same about me or even close at all,
I felt as if my lungs were compressing tightly and small.
The feeling was so disastrous and my heart began to crumble.
My hope and faith I had in her plopped down and began to tumble.
My dreams, thoughts, and everything I wished for shattered to pieces on the ground.
I really thought I had a chance with her but it all fell apart and I donít know how.

When An Angel Leaves You

A miracle occurred recently but has left my heart sore.
A craving of my eyes was satisfied because I saw her once more.
And yet while staring into her eyes and ignoring the rest of the world,
Going home that night made me come to grips that sheíll never be my girl.
Iíll never have a chance to know what itís like to hold her in my arms for hours.
Never will I get the chance to say ďHappy AnniversaryĒ, greeting her with flowers.
Laying on my back in bed and staring into black nothing,
I feel as if happiness is straying from me, like she took something.
Empty in my world, alone, cold and afraid;
Those are my feelings accompanied with my pain.
So strong is this agony covering me like a solid shadow in the gleaming light.
I had no idea it was coming, it came without a sign in sight.
The bliss she brings is relieving to every part of my body, making me stronger.
Weíre losing the bonding I thought weíd have at least much longer.
Sheís tearing me into shreds and pieces of me are blown into the wind.
Who knows when Iíll find someone to make me that joyful again?
The freshness and serenity I get when Iím around her;
She speaks and every other sound is blurred.
Slowly we drift from another, but does it only matter to me?
Will we share conversations like we used to, or will it only happen in dreams?
Gazing into the night sky, I donít know what to think anymore.
This isnít a nightmare, itís reality; could my heart get anymore sore?
Sometimes I still smile when I hear her voice in my head.
Crying has become daily, happening to me every night in my bed.
Letting the music play with my face compacted on my pillow is my getaway.
My days of thought are confusing and donít fade away.
I only hope I donít end up falling again and getting hurt in the end.
The next step is recovery and will be hard, even with such great friends.
How I melt every time I see her with such skin so beautiful and pure.
I used to think I had a chance and I waited for a while, but now Iím sure.
Iíll never forget this summer and how I spent it:
Talking everyday to a wonderful angel sent from heaven.
I realized that she was sent, but not sent to me.
How I yearn for her face, her voice, and what used to be.
I only ask for one chance and I promise to make it worth its while.
Oh, the way she flashes her eyes, topped off with her amazing smile.
She leaves me breathless and now I understand:
This angel flew into the skies, taking my heart in her hands.</div>

06-17-2003, 05:53 PM

06-17-2003, 05:56 PM
Hehe. I guess I only have one person reading these, but that&#39;s okay. As long as one person likes them, I&#39;ll continue as long as I can. :)

06-17-2003, 05:57 PM
I think they are all great, dude :o

06-17-2003, 05:57 PM
Originally posted by Jawknee@Jun 17 2003, 05:56 PM
Hehe. I guess I only have one person reading these, but that&#39;s okay.
~gasp~ Me?&#33;?&#33; ~honored~ Lol.

06-25-2003, 11:10 AM
I used to have a best friend whom I got really close to. In fact, so close, I began to fall for her, but for the first time ever, I never expressed how I truly felt to her. I kept it a secret and even though we don&#39;t talk anymore, she still doesn&#39;t know I fell for her so hard. I wrote poems about her and here&#39;s one of them:

<div align=center>Itís All A Dream

Every night, I lie in bed helpless and lonely;
All that I want, is you to kiss me and to hold me.
I just want us to be alone; together we belong.
Because your adorable voice just seems to turn me on.
Life is just too short, so I have to make the best of all of it,
But itís complex when I feel too scared to tell you any of this.
Itís stuck deep inside my head that our friendship will end,
The day I confess my feelings to you my dear friend.
What can I do if all I want is your affection each day?
Iím trying but my feelings remain, driving me more insane,
And I donít know what you feel, do you push me away?
With all honestly, with your heart, I would never play.
Honey kisses, sweeter than the first days of Spring,
I wish that you may some miraculous day bring.
Itís like I suddenly stepped into the beauties of heaven,
Or like staring into the horizon beyond the ocean.
You take me by surprise, as you come closer & more closer to me,
And I canít speak & I hide it, because youíre truly a sight to see.
Where do all of my words seem to go?
I feel such passion, but do you know?
Nervously, I speak with anxiety & I clutch my fists,
And now I close my eyes, Ďcause I still canít believe you exist.
Iíd go out of my way, just to get you a rose,
As I gently kiss you on your small & cute nose.
If only youíd take me by my hands, & say youíd stay,
Because I would never go away; with you Iíd stay.
Itís all a dream, and no one can pinch me to waken;
Iíd be too shocked to have you in my dreams, too shaken.
I would break each rule in every book,
Just to see you give me those precious looks.
Forget anything Iíve ever said in the past,
Itís only you that I want to be with & have.
A hidden & crystal clear river somewhere is glistening with the suns bright rays,
Just as your smile has a tendency to make me follow you into a daze.
This unrevealed river flows in a valley of roses of all kinds,
Each one looking as delightful as you; so charming & so fine.
I hope my destinyís to be with you, it could happen today;
Itís possible, because I love you so much, my dear saving grace.
Together with each other forever, I hope someday in time,
I love it all, especially those cute, irresistible eyes.
Does it look that obvious? My game around you, I try not to spit,
But you can tell that I love to wrap my arms around you like a gift.
Itís all a dream when I stare into those catching, bright eyes so damn divine.
Youíre so cute, pretty, wonderful, sexy, and gorgeous all at the same time.
It would all be a dream if I confessed my love and youíd say youíd be mine.</div>

06-26-2003, 08:58 AM
I have no idea if anyone reads this anymore since I don&#39;t receive feedback, but as long as you guys keep reading, it&#39;s all good. ^_^

Here&#39;s a poem I just wrote. It took me about an hour. Enjoy&#33; Feedback, criticism, etc...always appreciated&#33;

<div align=center>You Linger

Everywhere I go, I see a reminder of you.
I canít buy Jamba Juice without awakening a memory,
And I canít go to work without hoping youíll stop by.
Itís not easy watching a movie about people falling in love,
When the problem is Iím not watching it with you.
How can I sleep at night when my pillow still smells like your fragrance?
How can I enjoy eating my sandwich knowing youíre not eating with me?
Driving is hard knowing I canít turn to the passenger seat and see you there.
And waking up is pointless since youíre not there by my side rising with me.
Every time the phone rings, Iím hoping your precious voice comes through,
And when I hear a knock at my door, I rush to the door but not to find you.
Anyplace and anywhere, I see pictures of you that arenít really there.
I hate sitting in my room when the aroma of you is no longer in the air.
I rub the picture of you I have with my thumb the way I rub your hand,
And all I want to do is pick you up and hold you in my arms.
I canít take a walk without seeing your face glisten in the sun,
And I can go and hang out with friends but without you there itís not fun.
And unlike the stereotypical male, I donít need to make my soft side shown,
Itís always there as long as I keep thinking about you.
Loving you is the best part of my life.
Every time I smile itís because Iím reminiscing about you.
They say love is not boastful, that love is not proud,
But Iím so thankful, so joyful that I want the whole world to know.
You always understand just as I understand you.
We connect so easily because weíre each otherís best friends.
I think about that last slow song we had.
If only I could slow dance with you one more time.
If only I didnít have to close my eyes and dream it all up.
But dreams are made to come true, so I wait for the day they go through.
Things only get better and someday theyíll reach their peak,
The day I ask you the question if youíll be my bride-to-be.
You control me with the love you give me.
In your hands Iím simply putty.
I hear a pretty song when I think of you.
I hear your voice whenever I start to feel blue.
I live my life with your smile in my heart.
I live in agony when weíre apart.
Iíll take care of you because youíre the biggest part of my life.
Iíll give you everything because of the way you love me truly.
For all time, weíll be together and smile, cheeks side by side.
I love you more when you say hello, so never say goodbye.

07-13-2003, 01:00 AM
Falling for someone who&#39;s with Mr. Wrong is hard. You know she doesn&#39;t belong with him and that you&#39;re everything she wants, yet, she avoids the love you offer. Well, here are 2 poems about that for a girl named Shazia.

<div align=center>All I Ask

Dear God, tonight hear my call for concern,
I ask you to do me a favor to someone superb.
She is the reason why I live and try hard,
She is Shazia, and I beg you to protect her from all harm.
Watch over her closely and guide her right,
And please don&#39;t let me cry tonight.
What&#39;s in my heart is love that is waiting.
To be loved again and to be cared for again, I&#39;m anticipating.
I only ask that you shelter her from the bad of life,
If you happen to see that she is dreaming, let her know, I love her tonight,
And just like the nights in the past,
I&#39;ve asked you for a relationship with her that will always last.
When will you answer my prayer my lord?
She is all that I want, there is nothing more.
How could you keep something so valuable and beautiful away from me?
Forever I&#39;ve searched for someone like her, but you won&#39;t let it be.
Does she ever think of me, sometime during the day?
When ever I don&#39;t look, does she look my way?
Does she have a clue that I&#39;d die for her love?
Do you know if she&#39;s going to someday be my only one?
Please, let her come into my arms and be mine for eternity.
Things in my life are miserable, and to not be with her, is hurting me.
Dear God, please keep Shazia away from all others.
Let her realize that no one can love her like me, I don&#39;t want another.
I can&#39;t put her aside and move on,
It&#39;s too difficult and I sit writing to her all day long.
I have fallen in love with a special lady, but may I ask why?
Why did I fall for her, if she doesn&#39;t care? It hurts me deep inside.
I used to believe that love was wonderful bliss where I could rejoice.
Now my lord, it&#39;s misery and agony, but I yearn for her lovely voice.
If only my lips could touch hers, so gently and sweet.
If you knew things would be this way, why let us meet?
Can you ever forgive for all the wrong I have done?
I wish that you could, because being in love isn&#39;t fun.
Dear Lord, please know that I would sacrifice anything,
So that I could be with Shazia, for she is my everything.
I&#39;m praying tonight like I&#39;ve always done,
So that you may protect Shazia, and lead her life into a world of fun.
Please God, don&#39;t let anything happen to her, or I would die in pain.
Watch over her more closely than anyone, because my love for her remains.
Take care of her in the morning when she rises, and when the day ends.
Keep her away from danger for my sake, because I love her. Amen.

Love Is...

Love is puzzling for us all, but yet itís pleasing and sure.
Itís a sickness that attacks us at one point of our lives, & its own cure.
Love gives us all funny feelings that we canít describe.
Itís like you want to cry for nothing and you feel butterflies inside.
Love has been in everybodyís life and some people are lucky to find,
Someone so perfect for them so they can stay together for all time.
Love makes us stutter and speechless and sometimes our palms sweat as well,
Making us desperately lonely without the ones we love dearly & feel like hell.
Love is something you canít touch or smell and priceless and special to us.
To do everything we can to love that special one, we all know we must.
Love makes us act different to try to impress our only loves,
Some people love one person & theyíre the only ones theyíre thinking of.
Love keeps us striving, because some people canít take no as an answer.
When our loves look at us, we go crazy, just a glance & weíre a blur.
Love puts us in risk of getting heartbroken because of pain and agony too,
Because the kind of feelings people have after hurt, is ache & misery so blue.
Love is when a guy likes a girl or the other way around.
Itís when you meet the one for your life, but only one night theyíre in town.
Love takes control of our heart & mind & you canít stop someone if you try,
Because this feeling is what makes people so happy or breakdown and cry.
Love going in a bad direction, could mean someone going upset with pain,
Because they need that same love theyíve had the past days.
Love is a game in which you must succeed or lose, and losing hurts.
If you do lose and then life gets better later, itís just that you lost your turn.
Loveís unpredictable and weird, I canít understand its ways.
To me, that word is the cause of my pain in my mind, everyday.
Love can be when you want no one except one special person you admire.
You dream for the day to be with them, and you wish to fulfill your desires.
Love is when the Spring season finally arrives.
Maybe by then, people will be with the ones for their lives.
Loveís consequences can be very serious,
ďLetís Just Be Friends,Ē.....Iím always hearing this.
Love is trying 2 forget the one whoís hurt u, but they wonít leave your mind.
It can also bring suspicion if you break the trust just one time.
Love is being clueless on what to do when the relationship is done,
You donít know how to act, where to go, and trust me, it isnít any fun.
Love is the pleasure for your mind.
Itís when you insist on making that person yours, well I wish youíd be mine.
Love is what feeds your fragile heart.
Without the love it craves, youíll fall apart.
Love is what my heart is starving for; the affection and care.
Kissing you, holding you inside my arms...you will never be there.</div>

07-13-2003, 07:58 PM
<div align=center>Friend Of Yours

You helped me get through problems of my own,
I donít see why I canít help you with yours.
I let you down truly and I apologize deeply.
I feel so bad I wish that you could see me.
Over time weíve become close friends.
Youíre someone I know I can trust and depend.
Iím sorry I could not do the same for you this one time.
You said itís okay, but I know thatís not how you felt inside.
I would never want to lose you as a friend of mine.
You mean so much to me and inside my heart is where you lie.
I canít bear to leave you like I did today.
Here I am walking around with such dismay.
To know you are disappointed in the mistake I made tonight,
Makes me want to extend an apology with this poem I write.
Please see how it kills me to imagine your thoughts of me now.
I would have never thought to see the day I completely let you down.
I enjoy each time we talk to each other because theyíre special times.
I still hope youíll let me be something inside your life.
I donít know if I ever thanked you enough every time you were there for me.
When I cry, there is always a tear less knowing you care for me.
I believe in everything you do and will support you always.
I should have stayed there for you because you wouldnít have done the same.
I would never take you as a joke because I want to help you when you need me.
I still hope that someday I will be able to see you and you see me.
Youíre so sweet and I donít think anyone could resist the beauty I have viewed.
Not only that, but the way youíve helped me is not like anyone else could do.
You talk to me, comfort my pain, and put a smile on face that lasts for days.
I need you to help me when Iím feeling an emotional way.
I donít want to be a friend you canít trust from now on.
If only you could forgive me because I have seen what Iíve done wrong.
When you cry, I will cry with you so that you donít cry in vain.
If you hurt, I will do my best so that I can ease your pain.
Youíll never know how much I really like you until you let me try.
I want us to make this work and keep this friendship tight.
Deeply Iím sorry with every ounce of love in my heart.
Donít let us go on as friends until you see how this is tearing me apart.
I thank God youíre still my friend each and every night.
Two wrongs donít make a right, so Iíll leave it at one wrong and you decide.</div>

07-13-2003, 08:56 PM
ive just read 5 or 6 of your poems and i think you really have a gift, their amazing

i cant wait to pick up ur first book in stores soon :lol:

07-13-2003, 09:09 PM
Thanks so much Stick; you&#39;re the first one to make a comment in like a month. ^_^

07-13-2003, 10:09 PM
People should take the time to read, u really have something

07-14-2003, 12:18 AM
Damn, they&#39;re all really good.

07-14-2003, 01:07 AM
There you are. Finally you make a comment. Thanks&#33;&#33;&#33; :)

08-12-2003, 09:08 AM
My girlfriend&#39;s parents are very strict. We dated secretly without telling them in hopes we would soon but they eventually found out on their own. The day she told me they found out, was a very depressing day. We both worried the outcome of our relationship. I wrote a poem the day she told me they knew; it&#39;s untitled.

What&#39;s said is said;
At last the truth is revealed.
Simply because the difficulty thickens,
Doesn&#39;t mean I&#39;ll abandon all that&#39;s been gained.
I gave you my all,
You returned it the same;
I&#39;m still here,
I don&#39;t care how hard it gets in this love game.
Without you, who am I?
Incomplete is what I am.
All I need is the slightest touch of your hand.
From this day forth, the journey toughens,
But i&#39;ll never stop believing in our love.
You&#39;re my other half,
You&#39;re the girlfriend people think doesn&#39;t exist;
Little do they know that I&#39;m living out my wish.
You&#39;re my dream into reality,
And I cry now because so do you.
I&#39;ll never let them tear us apart,
It&#39;s impossible because it&#39;d kill my heart.
You&#39;re the biggest part of my life;
You make me smile so much, you&#39;ll one day be my wife.

08-12-2003, 09:12 AM
Jawknee, that&#39;s a some real good stuff, good work on it and keep up the good work man ;), your definetely one of the best writer&#39;s here, I&#39;ll be checking in on your stuff from now on. :D

08-12-2003, 09:18 AM
Awesome, thanks so much, With You. :)

08-12-2003, 09:38 AM
Originally posted by Jawknee@Aug 12 2003, 04:18 AM
Awesome, thanks so much, With You. :)
yeah, no problem ^_^

08-12-2003, 09:47 AM
This one&#39;s one of my best poems I&#39;ve ever written. I wrote it for my current girlfriend.
<div align=center>

Days elongate into what seems years,
And thinking of you triggers sad tears.
When we must depart because the time lacks,
I find myself madly running right back.
A normal day is you on my mind,
From morning-wake Ďtill I rest at night.
Even then, I find you there inside my dreams,
Looking as lovely as you could ever be.
Jump into my arms and simply close your eyes,
As I feel the warmth of you and you of I.
Let the essence of love softly take control,
So soothing is this love that endlessly flows.
Then you kiss me with kisses of creamy savor,
Soft, damp, and pretty lips that give me such pleasure.
The moment seems to consist of only you and I,
Even though perhaps many people will pass us by.
Weíve started a love that always feels as though still new,
Moments like these say I dedicate my life to you.
Forever we will grow with happiness by our side,
Prospering together, sharing our love Ďtill we die.
Your giggles that lighten my face,
Make me want to kiss you posthaste.
But when I think of your laugher when youíre away,
I can only sit here and cry away the day.
What can I do when youíre so completely far from me?
Why is that weíre separated so constantly?
There are some times when sleeping at night can be inane,
For I just think of memories from earlier days.
I weep the feeling of your fingers wrapped on my hand so tight,
And how I stroke your cheek each time that you glare into my eyes.
Our love still gets deeper as the days slowly move on,
But I just want to hold you in my arms all night long.
It still feels like the first time when you press your lips tenderly on mine,
And I still melt at the way you tell me how much you love me each time.
Your wonderful scent lingers as we reluctantly have to let go,
But you hold on to my hand and gently rub it with your thumb so slow.
Already, tears start forming now that the warmth from you begins to fade,
Because I only flourish when you embrace me and kiss me for days.
I am thrust against your body as we one more time kiss one another,
But one kiss turns into another, each more romantic than the other.
With deep sighs of woe we know the time has come to an end,
And truly we make our real last kiss the most passionate.
But it never really is the last kiss goodbye,
Itís really the first kiss to the rest of our lives.</div>

08-14-2003, 02:16 AM
Here&#39;s the first poem I wrote for my current girlfriend.

<div align=center>A Love That Grows

I was alone for so long, always thinking someone to love would be nice,
And you came along, and redefined happiness for the rest of my life.
My back was always against the world, but I turned around to see you,
Someone who intrigued me in a unique way, so on my own I went to meet you.
Gradually, we became closer, until I could no longer pretend,
And I knew it was time to move on from just being friends.
The day I made a commitment was the day I made a promise to you,
Where I would give you my heart in hopes that you would give me yours too.
I never had a doubt; I could internally feel you were sent to be mine,
I never wanted to rush you and to show you this, I gave you so much time.
Anytime I smile, I owe it to you that itís on my face,
Because you make me feel warm and safe.
My heart was always weak and out of nowhere you came to restore,
Now there isnít one more thing that I could ask for.
Iíve fallen so deep for your inner and outer beauty,
You know me like I thought no one else knew me.
Youíre my best friend and Iíve given you my entire trust and all my love,
You sparked this flame inside of me, and now youíre all I think of.
Thereís nothing I would rather do any day,
Than to share my love with you in every way.
You can call it destiny, luck, or maybe just label this as faith,
But either way you look at it, Iím yours and Iím here to stay.
When I hold you in my arms, itís as if Iím holding heaven altogether,
And when I say I love you, Iím really saying that I want to be with you forever.
Our relationship was a gift and Iím never more thankful each day for it,
The way you touch me, and kiss me, I just want more of it.
Every night I go to bed, I can still smell your hair and taste your kiss,
I still feel you within in my arms and your fingers embraced with my fingertips.
As long as your love remains on my side,
My life is wonderful and everything in it is fine.
Youíre the only that I love and I adore,
And now I donít have to go on searching anymore.
I believe in you and pray God watches over you everyday and night,
Knowing youíre okay and safe is the only way Iím able to sleep so tight.
I keep you on my mind and treasure every moment that arrives,
Youíve made such a tremendous impact on my life.
Confide in me anytime you need me for whatever purpose it is,
Because itís how I can thank you for giving me so much bliss.
No other human being comes close to you, none of the rest,
Because weíre the only ones who share a special double happiness.
Youíre my precious girl who matters to me the most,
Because you and I share a love that always grows.</div>

08-14-2003, 03:01 AM
Still ######&#39; awesome, Jonny. Don&#39;t ever stop writing. :D

08-19-2003, 02:26 AM
I wrote this for my current girlfriend like 2 days ago.

<div align=center>Settled Down

Almost two years into this relationship and I still have that burning fire.
Hundreds of days together is something I can look at and admire.
It still baffles me how the two of us were able to cross paths,
And eventually strengthen our attachment into a love that still lasts.
All of my life, Iíve aspired to win over the heart of just one girl,
But after so much heartbreak, I feared she was nowhere in this world.
Every relationship I had in the past had faltered in my mind,
Because I felt like my feelings were stronger than the other person all the time.
I would do so much for them, and I felt as though nothing changed,
And even after all the sweetness from me, I was dumped and injected with pain.
Then you knocked on my door and came inside my world,
And after some getting-to-know-one-another, you became my girl.
Once we began dating, every one of my mornings began with a nice big grin.
For once in my life, I had fallen for a girl who had fallen for me too; I felt certain.
When I think about us and what weíve accomplished,
Iím joyful to say the love in this relationship is equally balanced.
You actually appreciate the things I do for you,
And when I need you to be there for me, you actually pull through.
When I reach over to kiss your lips, you never push me away.
When I enclose my arms around your body, you always stay.
Sometimes things get astray but you and I always make it out alright,
And thatís because we both take time to work things out right.
Iím so thankful to have found you and for being a part of my world,
And I promise to love you like you were my first girl.
When I hold your hand, I feel the warmth of you,
And it secures my heart knowing that you love me too.
Iím really in love with you, so much to say you are the one;
The one I plan to start a family with and live a life a fun.
No one speaks to me the way you do.
No other person can caress me like you.
Youíre the only person who calms my nerves when theyíre on the edge.
Youíre the only one whoíd be waiting for me at the bottom if I jumped a ledge.
Iím so close to you and youíre so close to me.
I never knew such a love could ever be.
I was never able to convince myself that a love was out there waiting for me.
I started to believe in the saying ďlove is blind,Ē but youíve made me see.
For the first time, I know I can turn to my side and expect to see someone there.
Youíre always standing by me, even when youíre not physically there.
For once when I cried tears of pleasure or wept tears of pain,
You were at your house doing the exact same.
You love me; you tell me and show me to prove it to be true.
If I really had to, I would sacrifice my life for you.
Youíre more than just my girlfriend, honey, youíre everything; my all.
Iím so thankful that I was able to answer the phone once destiny called.</div>

08-19-2003, 02:40 AM
Oh my God&#33; :o

*sheds a tear*

That was very beautiful. I swear. You&#39;re an amazing writer. Keep up the excellent work&#33; ;) :)

08-19-2003, 05:47 AM
Thank you so much for that comment. I shall post another poem eventually.

08-19-2003, 05:58 AM
Omg, I absolutely LOVED that poem. It&#39;s really one of your best yet. :D It really shows how much love you have in your heart for her, which is unbelievably sweet.

08-28-2003, 11:18 PM
For my current girlfriend.

<div align=center>I Need You Now

I seem to want you more at three in the morning.
Being away from you like this is like someone taking away my oxygen.
How is it I yearn so much for your kisses?
How come I canít stop saddening myself at three in the morning?

Keeping my mind on you is something I unconsciously do all day,
But once the nocturnal hours approach, the desires grow stronger.
My consciousness is now fully awake,
And all my heart is doing is dying without your body near.

My bed is bare with the clutter of blankets and pillows.
My arms are full of despair until you become the replacement.
I stare at all the memorabilia on my shelves.
Wonít you come here and keep me warm tonight?

You must have cast a spell on me.
When the night creeps on, I think of you more.
Tonight Iím intoxicated with your love running through my veins.
I could drive to your house just to see your face in your roomís window again.

The gentle air of my fan is your sweet breath on my face,
And if I hold my pillow while I sleep, I can pretend itís you.
My diet consists of only your sweet kisses,
And I can never get enough of them to keep me sustained.

Loneliness is my companion here in my own room,
But itís not helping me keep my sanity.
My hands are bare without yours there to hold them.
My senses are dull without your charming beauty in my presence to enlighten.

If I could see you somehow right now at four in the morning,
My heart would do somersaults as I squeezed you.
Just let me come over and wait for you to rise,
Because the first words in the morning, I want them to be mine.

Every time I see you, I fall in love with you again even deeper.
Each time I say I love you, I say it like itís the first time.
I wish you could be here so I could look into your lovely eyes.
I miss you so much right now and I canít hold back my cries.</div>

08-28-2003, 11:27 PM
Wow, just, wow&#33; :o That was really sweet. Excellent work. ;)

08-28-2003, 11:27 PM
Damn, Jonny. Still amazing.

Keep it up. :)

08-30-2003, 07:02 AM
Thank you, everyone. Hopefully more to come, soon. ^_^

09-04-2003, 07:42 PM
Jawknee, ur great :) i like them all.