View Full Version : All Future "Mp3/Video Section" Topics..

05-10-2003, 05:26 AM
Will be closed. We answered this before so there's no need to ask for the 100th time when there's already a thread about it.

Q: Why can't I download ANY of the mp3s? :(

A: LPA's media section is down because our host(not lpa.com mind you) never took care of his domain and still has yet to renew it, and it's unlikely he ever will.


Q: So if your host isnt working why dont u just get a new one, wouldnt THAT make sense?

A: Easier said then done. But rest assured, LPA is in the process of finding a suitable FTP for both music AND videos and will keep you updated when we are close to a fix.


Q: So what do I do till the problem is fixed?

A: Be patient and stop making new threads about it, the LPA is already working hard to fix this.