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05-08-2003, 09:21 PM
This song is dedicated to my Grandparents (mainly to my Grandma) who I lost a few months apart at the end of last year
(Verse One)
It feels like your still here/
but your really gone/
I know your in heaven telling me to go on/
Theres only a few things I remember/
It was a dark night, and the last time
I saw you Gram I was listening to Linkin
Park's "With You"/
You couldn't speak, because of your stroke/
The big one got ya, it was cancer, you were sold/
A tear comes to my eye I have to pass by your
tombstone/and you know your more to me than
all lifes riches, lemme name one for instance, gold/
But sometimes in life you die young or old/
God chose you now, whether I liked it he said it clear and bold/

I can't believe your gone...