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04-17-2003, 07:05 PM
hey every1! imnew here, and getting started. So here is my song with no name. its little bit not that i wanted but i was at bad mood so lsten:

Im walking along the street,
Im looking down to my feet
There is something wrong with me
Its not the way i wanted to be
And all i can do
Is kill someone like you.
You ruined my life,my love
You left me alone
and wat should i do?
i cry
Cry every night
every fukking day
You did a big mistake
Now you will pay..
Coming to your room
You sitting like there is nothing wrong
I beat you,you fall down.
Damn, as always you drunk
(he screames - dont do that plz, i love you)
Oh really, you heard that people?
Listen what ill tell you
You stupid mother fukker
shut the f@ck up,you suck!
You nothing big for me right now
Dont play like some stupid clown.
i sick of your lie!
im tired of this shiit
The circus left
wat u want -u get
you all alone
you have no friends,no money
no one who comes home.
I loved you
But now i dont
Haha, you mean nothing for me.
I hate yuo! now you can leave.
The last thing i'll tell you
the only 1 thing why i still breath:
I LOVE Linkin Park
They are cool!
I want to be like them
and thats true!

so wha u think bout it ppl???
waiting 4 ur replys.....
dont be confused of such lyrics,hope ull like it, other ppl from another Messboard liked it very much....

see ya all.. :)

04-17-2003, 08:43 PM
the word filters are in place for a reason, therefore it seems logical that bypassing them with @ and 2 letters in a row would be a bad idea.

And that song made no sense anyways......