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04-10-2003, 01:18 AM
I see the shroud of ignorance around them
Hopefully it doesn't surround them
One day our kind will be free
Of this arrogance leading to misery

Thats all it is, disillusioned minds
Not knowing that they are killing their own kind
If they are aware, they don't even care
All they see between them are the differences there.
This crime has endured since humans were alive
People saying to others that they have to die

[Violent instrumentals]
[Guitar solo]

[Slow and soft, then grows]
Thats what we need
Another figure of authority...
Thats what we need
More greed and and then arrogance breeds!

Arrogance goes unchecked
For all the people in the office
Gaining their wealth while others are wrecked
No more money for the remaining populace


But I don't see an end,
Should I just pretend
And let my worries vanish?

NOTE: This is not part of the song. I just wanted to make sure you notice, that this very same person who is citing arrogance is being arrogant him/herself. This is the when arrogance is most deeply rooted, can you think of anybody who is like that? I have no one in particular in mind, just thought that you might come up with someone. Just some food for thought! ^_^