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Shattered PrideSickofbeingdenied
04-03-2003, 04:44 AM
If only…..

If only you’d
Look through my eyes
To see the pain
Hidden on the inside

Hidden behind
The lies, you cannot
Seem to realize the pain I’ve kept inside

Watch me as I waste
My life away
Wishing that I could change the mistakes
Of today

Stab me right through the chest
By you…..
One of the best

Watch me wither
On the ground
Laugh with glee
You ignore my pleas

Begging and crying
Asking for help
From somewhere
But no one in this world
Seems to care

Self Pity is all I got left

My strength is gone
Got know where to go
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Life’s no longer fun
My humor has died

Lie awake at night
Trying to figure out what’s right
When what’s right
Is really what’s wrong
In the world of today there is no right
It’s gone

So wrong turns to right
Leading people to fight

Only the strong survive
The weak will die

Fighting so hard
Fighting for whats right
With all their wits and their bloody might

But in spite of it all
The strong begin to fall
Their hearts begin to fail
Making them weak and

They’ve killed to much
They can take no more
Just like I;
I look forward to ending this war