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03-23-2003, 06:07 PM
Emotional Spiral

The days get shorter when I see you
All the fear and terror disappear
But when you look away
All the emotions re-appear

I hear them behind me
I hear them talk about you
Emotions swell up inside me
My head telling me to release them
Then I remember what you did to me
I just walk away

The emotions finally come out
I tell you how I feel
After it’s all done, you just look at me
I start to leave, my heart filled with rage
You look at me, and you finally speak
Those two joyful words
“I Know”

I’ve been waiting to hear how you feel
You finally confess what I fear
I hate what I hear
“There is someone else”

The night that surrounds my house makes me think
Was this just some horrible mind game?
Is he any better than I?
Does he feel and know what I do?
I fall asleep, thinking about life
And the card fate has dealt me