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Reanimated Spirit
03-22-2003, 12:18 PM
Here I'll be posting up all the poems of written over time...

A Little Bit of Heroin

You're like a drug in my blood,
no matter how much you hurt me,
I keep coming back to you,
like a dog to it's master,
I beg and I bow.
No more am I your pet,
no more are you my master,
these are the words I keep on saying,
none of it is true.

Because you're like a little bit of heroin,
inside of me,
I crave you,
my life cannot go without you.
You hurt me so much,
but still I keep on running;
running to you.

Down on my knees,
I sit and I stare,
waiting for a command,
I'm ####### hopeless.
What have you done to me!?
What is wrong with me!?
I'm a ####### idiot,
running back to you like this,
why can't I think?

Because you're like a little bit of heroin,
running through me,
you're just like heroin.
So addictive,
I crave you...
and just keep coming back for more...

I Just Don't Care

Note: Contains strong language.

You know what really bugs me,
is the fact I can't live to your standards,
it's like whatever I do,
it isn't good enough.
I'd rather be by myself,
in my own self-#######-pity,
the with you and my ####### insecurities.
I hear you with your friends,
mouthing this #### off,
"Why can't he be more.."
I don't care,
It's like a storm brewing in my brain,
ready to unleash the winds,
no mercy on my behalf,
#### you I'm not giving into your mental torture,
It's like an emotional odyssey through time,
emotions that even on my best of days get me down.
I guess it's just the way it goes,
as the clock ticks the time passes by,
maybe someday I can be happy again...


Like a rush of blood to the head,
the numbness in my heart,
it's cold,
old and battered,
No feeling left in me,
only darkness within,
I can't think straight,
I've been hiding behind myself,
my own ####### disguise,
I could only fool myself for so long,
I can't run away anymore,
from the truth,
the lies.
I can't get off,
this one way trip to death,
no stops.
I can't stand you anymore,
your hypocritical bullshit,
give me a break,
a breath,
just let me ####### breathe!
I need some space,
a chance to stop,
because the way I'm going,
is right to death at my own hands,
bloody and worn.
An arrow in my heart,
bleeding all day,
my disguise has fallen,
and I'm left with myself.
The real me,
you don't like me?
#### you.
Just give me a break,
a breath...
Just let me ####### breathe!


I got alot of stuff bottled up inside of me,
like a chain reaction I feel about ready to explode,
the pain torments me,
my insides moan.
I try so hard to get over it all,
but it's just too much,
I need a way to filter you out,
to filter all the pain inside.
The hurt you've left behind,
like a toxin in my blood,
killing me slowly,
driving me insane.
I sit on my bed at night,
and cry with pain,
I need to filter the pain,
the toxin in my blood...


You throw my life away,
because I'm worthless.
The hurt's gotta stop,
the pain inside is much more than physical,
the scars on my arms are nothing compared
to the scars you leave behind.
You don't STOP,
think for a second,
think of what you're doing,
how you're hurting me so.
You just GO,
rip me apart,
push me to tears.
But then again,
why should you think?
'Cause I'm just worthless right?
A pawn in your hands,
a toy in your box.
I wasted alot of time back then,
the clouds kept comin',
there was no lookin' back.
No keepin' track.
Just forging the road ahead,
out of tears and sweat.
I just kept going fowards,
only to lose my balance,
stumble and fall.

It didn't get any better,
the lies and the truth were blurred into one,
a web of deceit.
My thoughts are wacked,
I think I'm mad.
There's no control,
I just let my emotions go.

ProJecT NotHinG
03-24-2003, 12:59 AM
really awesome

Pinkin Lark
03-24-2003, 04:12 AM
pretty sweet man, keep it up