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03-18-2003, 07:44 AM

Ive come so far, why should I give up now?
I fall for her all over again whenever shes around.
Her voice soothes me and calms my stress.
She brings out inner feelings each time my days a mess.
Shes the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep.
It all started out so little yet I knew itd grow so deep.
Money is the root of all evil, jealousy is the key to such pain.
Dreams can bring such happiness, and love can do all the same.
I admire how she can take me apart and put me back together.
The way she opens the doors of my soul and shines on me is all so clever.
In the sunlight or in the pouring rain,
The way I adore her would never change.
The idea of abandoning my emotions is easier said then done.
My heart will move on when its time, but for now she is my sun.
More than anything I want a smile to remain on her face.
Love cant be forced, but with the right ingredients, it can be made.
Things in life shall never remain the same.
With a little time and space, theres a possibility her feelings could change.
Each morning I rise with the tune of her singing in my head.
I had to tell her how I felt, no longer could I hide or pretend.
Just a giggle sends my senses into a turbulent and amazing ride.
Only a glance from her eyes and my heart is pounding rapidly inside.
There are times I plan things word by word,
But each time Im ready to tell her, I lose my nerve.
I walk around hoping that its the day she has a change of heart.
Im not that someone in her life and so it does tear me apart.
I anticipate that someday in some way the winds will shift direction,
And this beautiful, superb queen will give me her affection.
I daydream of her since my dreams of the night before are nebulous in the morning.
I could stay indoors and write about her all day when outside the rain is pouring.
Shes my inspiration to my hopes and dreams.
Shes such an icon because shes much more than she seems.
She knows my past and what Ive been through.
Maybe shes hiding something and I dont know the whole truth.
Talking and laughing with each other is almost each day.
Taking her hand and walking along the shores of the ocean is a dream away.
I dream deep of a getaway far from the other people in our lives.
We could sit upon a high mountain and watch the sunset side by side.
Im ready to commit and devote with the snap of her fingers.
Years from here, you will see that my feelings for her will still linger.
Sometimes I just lay there in bed with so much of her on my mind.
She just seems to take up almost all of my time.
Maybe things will never change and shell never have that feel.
Hopefully well never stop being close and real.
If we cant settle down and start a love,
I want her to still be that special angel sent from above.
Just another repetitive day out of many, why bother to go out and have fun?
Because she was a part of this as the other days, and that makes it special enough.

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03-19-2003, 07:07 PM
Oh man, this is really good. Keep on going like this 'cos this is incredible stuff. :)