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01-18-2005, 02:04 AM
Post reviews for technology here.

Apple 20 GB iPod:

Overview: A very intuitive player indeed but NOT flawless.

1. Great sound quality.
2. Very intuitive menus and wheel. Very easy to navigate through menus and find songs with the click wheel.
3. Very light and thin.
4. Easy to upload playlists and songs to the iPod. Just connectand all of the songs from your library on iTunes will be uploaded.

1. Player skips. Although it claims it has great skip protection, the player skips horribly when riding on a bus.
2. A second of silence between songs, also no options to crossfade. Very irritating for one song that fades into another.
3. Only one freaking phone call for support and 50 BUCKS for any more phone help!! You've gotta be kidding me.
4. I had to set up all my playlists again in iTunes. When I tried to upload any previously created playlists, it only uploaded the first song. What a pain and such a worthless effort for hours.

02-03-2005, 12:06 AM
So I took back the iPod and got a Creative Zen Touch

1. Great sound quality (I heard it was higher than an iPod)
2. Simple player with an intuitive design
3. Separate volume control.
6. Helpful and friendly phone support for 60 days after purchase of product. Email support lasts for the time of the player's warranty.
7. Huge battery.

1. The only big con in this player is the software that you install on your computer. The software is horrible. I had some of the worst times with my computer with this program, called Creative MediaSource. It was difficult to transfer songs to the player, extrememly difficult to work out the playlists in the device, and everytime it froze, I had to reinstall it because it said the player wasn't connected.
2. It froze up my musicmatch and didn't work with WMP9 either.

Overall: Excellent player but it comes with horrible software.