View Full Version : Hey, y'all. I'm a newbie

08-28-2004, 04:01 AM
I just joined the forum.

Stuff about me:

I'm female.
My first name is Chasidy.
I'm 16.
I'm not an LPU member (no money)
I've been to two LP concerts (MWT and PR, Atlanta)
I'm from Georgia.
I love chocolate.
I like to write poems.

And I love Linkin Park, otherwise, I wouldn't be here.

Chris Luke
08-28-2004, 04:06 AM
Wanna a Cookie.
Welcome. Read the rules and post like your IQ is higher than Mark's Shoe Size.
We Have Your Parents. Break a rule and Somethimg BAD WILL happen.

08-28-2004, 04:51 AM
I've been to two LP concerts (MWT and PR, Atlanta)

You lucky duck you.

If we are ever a-holes, I apologize. If you have fun here, good! LP fans and haters perpetually lurk these ever so active forums, so you should never be bored here. Have fun and get to know your fellow LP fans :)

forgotten girl
08-28-2004, 10:03 AM
Hey there! welcome to the forums!! enjoy your stay and have fun around here! :) i'm elisa :wave:

08-28-2004, 10:22 AM
welcome to the forums chasidy - im katie. ^_^

08-28-2004, 10:42 AM
Welcome newbie! *pokes you with a stick*
see i can do that cuz you're a newbie :P
anyways! have fun on LPA and read the rules!

08-28-2004, 10:54 AM
hey there! welcome to the LPA, read the rules and have fun :)

Mechanical Christ
08-28-2004, 01:57 PM
Hi Chasidy! Can we call you Chaz? :lol:

08-28-2004, 04:07 PM
Yes, you can call me Chaz. My family does.

08-28-2004, 10:47 PM
chazy chaz*smirks* hey there im Tony welcome read the rules and they do have our parents :unsure: just have fun and be urself unless u do drugs and cuss.LOL i dont think that would be to highly appreciated

08-28-2004, 11:37 PM
Read the rules and start to post.
They are the key objectives for an active forum member ;)

08-29-2004, 01:25 AM
Hey, welcome to LPA ^_^

08-29-2004, 02:28 AM
Hey Chasidy, WELCOME to the LPA. Be sure you read the rules or else... :shifty:

:P Ha. Hope you have fun here. Stick around and post some.

08-29-2004, 07:05 AM
Originally posted by LPStreetFighter666@Aug 28 2004, 04:06 AM

We Have Your Parents. Break a rule and Somethimg BAD WILL happen.
chill...i'll send them back to you if you prove to be a good girl... as in like really really really good girl....

welcome....i'm Arhaz.

08-30-2004, 10:52 PM
Hi Chaz!!
I'm new too! [I'm poking you also]
Welcome to the LPA! :)
Have fun posting here and make some new friends!