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  1. New mayan temple discovered in Guatamala
  2. Lesbian woman attacked, bound by zip ties, has "dyke" carved into her chest.
  3. Google asks YouTube commenters to stand up and be counted
  4. The REAL reason we are boycotting Chik-Fil-A
  5. Human immortality could be possible by 2045
  6. Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Touches Down
  7. Why i need to thank you guys
  8. Lauryn said money change the situation/Big said it increase the complication....
  9. Harvard cracks DNA storage
  10. 'Top Gun' director Tony Scott dead after jumping off bridge
  11. Breivik
  12. Neil Armstrong dead at 82
  13. What Makes A Good Republican?
  14. Arctic Ice Drops Below 30%
  15. Have You Ever Gone Through A Natural Disaster?
  16. Just quit smoking cigarettes
  17. People like this...
  18. Girl Selling Her Virginity On Internet To Help Homeless
  19. Time Travel.
  20. Romneys Own the Voting Booths...Literally
  21. The Official 2012 U.S. Presidential Election Thread
  22. Hurricane Sandy
  23. Tough Downloading Laws Lead to Less Sales in Japan.
  24. Boko Haram's Damage To Nigeria Is Huge
  25. Violence in Gaza Continues
  26. Are Americans Too Easily Offended?
  27. Hope 4 Change - Charity Album in aid of Homelessness
  28. Man pretends to be gay for one year
  29. Does a "unique" name affect a person's life?
  30. 27 Dead, Mostly Children, In Connecticut Following Shooting
  31. President Obama Pledges to Get Strong on Climate Change
  32. "Real Musicians Have Day Jobs" - True?
  33. OPINION: North Korea "threatens" South of a "final destruction"
  34. Pope Francis I, the newly elected Pope
  35. wat kind uv sandwhichs wud lara croft b gud @ makng
  36. North Korea Tension
  37. FBI Releases Video of 2 Boston Bombing Suspects
  38. Boston Bomber guilty or not guilty?
  39. PRISM
  40. Cheating
  41. The US Supreme Court has just deemed DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, unconstitional.
  42. Broke up with my girlfriend...
  43. Croatia joins the EU as 28th member state
  44. Good Vs Evil
  45. Teen arrested for Facebook comment
  46. Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) force-fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure – Video
  47. New Planet
  48. The Morality of Torture
  49. Gay marriage becomes legal in Britain
  50. New South Wales, Australia, legally recognizes non-binary genders
  51. Suicide Survivors
  52. Is cynicism destroying our pop culture and our emotions?
  53. U.S. government shutdown
  54. The Advice Thread
  55. American Revolution II
  56. Trans youth harrassed by right wing media
  57. Missing Person - help me to find her
  58. Fukushima - A global threat that requires a global response
  59. Ian Watkins of Lostprophets pleads guilty to child assualt charges
  60. Afterlife.. Or lack thereof.
  61. Uruguay becomes first to legalize marijuana
  62. Scientists create a compound that reverses affects of aging (in mice.)
  63. Ford knows everyone who breaks the law thanks to the gps in your car
  64. Former New Found Glory guitarist Steve Klein arraigned on multiple felonies, including child pornography.
  65. First glimpse of big bang ripples from universe's birth
  66. Fred Phelps (Westboro Baptist Chruch founder) Reportedly Dead at 84
  67. Suspended Animation Possible: Used for Medical Purposes
  68. Saltwater Ocean Found on Saturn's Moon Enceladus: Most likely Place To Have Extraterrestrial Life.
  69. CNN - Georgia law allows guns in some schools, bars, churches
  70. GeekWire - Microsoft unearths mass grave of Atari ‘ET’ game cartridges, buried in 1983
  71. Former Illinois Representative Charged with Child Pornography Crimes
  72. Philosophical Health Check
  73. Why should/shouldn't marijuana be legal?
  74. Look Up
  75. Women's Tears Lower Men's Sex Drive
  76. Israeli Airstrikes Target Gaza
  77. Violence In The World
  78. Robin Williams Dead at 63
  79. The Venting Out Thread
  80. Politics
  81. Politics
  82. Michael Brown Decision
  83. Cuba & U.S. Resume Diplomatic Relations After 56 years.
  84. 'The Interview' Cancellation: Violation Of Free Speech?
  85. American Sniper...view from a mentaliy ill Veteran
  86. The War on Drugs - For or Against?
  87. NASA: EmDrive may be real.
  88. NSA Has Planted Surveillance Software Deep Within Hard Drives
  89. Marijuana Legalization
  90. Blackwater guards sentenced to prison for unarmed killings in Iraq.
  91. Great Help Site For Students
  92. Gay marriage legalized in the US
  93. The Venting Out Thread 2
  94. Politics, politics, politics.
  95. Could my anxiety be coming back again?
  96. The Positive Thread
  97. Social role
  98. Teens and sense of reality
  99. Help Bring Isabella Home
  100. When a band member dies