The Conveyor Belt (Pointless Rap that should be ignored at all costs).

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    Apr 8, 2012
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    Boredom = Me writing this random piece of rhymes :L

    I feel dirtier than a kid who just learned about germs
    But clean like a politican bein' given another term
    Let me spell it out for you like I'm readin' out an eye test
    You feel anorexic 'cause my words refuse to digest
    But right now I'm far more bluer than a song by Eiffel 65
    If I had that much green I'd be stutterin' daba dee, daba die
    So I'ma keep locked away in a hotel where ya wonder like Don Cheadle
    But even Rowanda won't be safe like a haystack fulla needles
    You see I'm harder than the Tinman so don't you dare ever get boreda me
    Rhymes meticulous like Hitman/You got that Dorothy?
    I'm lookin' more run-down than the action in a Steven Seagul movie
    Squeezed the balls of a cartoon dog lately - I've just felt Goofy
    I'm at the theatre inhalin' ether and wearin' my wife beater
    While Seether's inside my freezer, and now their new-born believers
    And when it comes to temptation we CAN resist, but here's somethin' to tell Jesus
    Since I've seen the death of a fetus, I'll believe it when hell freezes
    So the only way it seems these cats'll listen
    Is to drown 'em out... Like I'm givin' 'em a baptism
    I'm not gonna be depressed I'ma fight away the grey strain
    And be harder than a rock, no disrepect to Dwayne J
    Other words you wanna fight me and your chances will be so hopeless
    'Cause I ain't someone's who's Ford got stolen - I still got my 'focus'

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