Show some of your favorite musicians/bands from your own country

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    The Philippines

    Parokya ni Edgar: They're probably the coolest Pinoy band. Alive. They're just basically friends just hanging around and play some music. They've been together for like 14 years and still kickin' around. Sorry for the bad quality lol


    Francis Magalona: He's like Eminem in the Philippines. He died last 2009. He's a legend in Filipino music.


    Greyhoundz: If talking about metal, I would give them the stage.


    Slapshock: Formed in 90's. They're pretty good. This song was my ringtone for almost 3 years. Time flies.


    Bamboo: Pretty much the most hype rock band in 'Pinas. Too bad they disbanded last year. Most of their songs are about the economic and political status of 'Pinas.



    Kamikazee: Another WTF band. :lol: I like them. This song with special participation of Parokya ni Edgar, Cheese and Greyhoundz.


    I'm pretty sure there are lots of great Pinoy bands out there that I'm not familiar with. I'm just lame.
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    I'm from Sweden, there is alot of good music from here, both pop artists and rock/metal bands, both old and new!

    In Flames: One of the biggest metal bands from Sweden (my favorite). Here is their last album:
    Hammerfall: A power metal band and their most famous song:
    Adept: A newer post-hardcore band:
    Robyn: A mainstream pop artist who were dominating swedish radio last year:
    ABBA: Sweden's biggest pop-group of all time
    The Ark: A very popular band in Sweden:
    Roxette: A pop/rock group from the 80s
    Europe: Rock band from the 80s, "The Final Countdown"!
    Dead by April: A "pop/metal" band:
    Engel: Another alternative metal band, one of my favorites:
    Kent: Probably the most popular band in Sweden (in Swedish):
    Laleh: My favorite on Swedish popular radio right now:
    Basshunter: Eurodance, this is an English version of his biggest Swedigh hit ("Boten Anna"):
    Swedish House Mafia: Mainsteam house group:
    The Sounds: Popular rock band:
    Avicii: A very famous young DJ:
    Ammotrack: Radio-rock, band from my town and it's also my guitar teacher playing :)
    The Gloria Story: Another local rock band:
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