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  1. Shmoanator

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    One of my more depressing songs. It's still in the writing phase, so some lyrics might change and some more might be added. Still not sure.
    Tell me what you think.

    Hear the sound/Thunder pounds.
    Run and hide as it burns the ground.
    Lightning strikes/With all its might.
    The Earth is laid to waste this black night.

    Pray for day/We're dead anyway.
    We're gone tomorrow.
    Wait for Death/He hears your breath.
    So give up your sorrow tonight.

    Regrets show/Secrets go.
    Take a look at what you have done.
    All that fear/Will dissapear
    Just as soon as we hit the sun.

    Close your eyes/Clear your mind.
    We're gone tomorrow.
    Don't you weep/Just go to sleep.
    And give up your sorrow tonight.
  2. Filip

    Filip Not Robert. LPA Contributor

    May 23, 2012
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    Wow. Sounds sick, but nice... :chuck:
  3. Melis

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    Jun 21, 2012
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    I like it too. The only thing what could it all better is when it's a bit longer...But sometimes short lyrics is better! So, GREAT JOB!
  4. Shmoanator

    Shmoanator Guest

    Thank you!

    Thanks. It could get longer at a later point, but who knows?
  5. Robert

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    Jul 19, 2011
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    This is great. Very poetic.

    Is this a poem or is it lyrics to a new song?
  6. Shmoanator

    Shmoanator Guest

    As of right now, it's just a poem. Later on though, I plan on adding music to go along with these words and turn it into a song.

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