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    Ya know, I've been surrounded by a lot of negativity lately and it really sucks. So I would just like to say think of the others around before you decide what mood you are in, because your mood is contagious. Just do a couple things to try and spread a little happiness around. Smile and tell the cashier at the store to have a nice day, when you're driving and you see a sign waver, Honk and give him a rock on :headbang: (I've done that job before, they need it lol), at work, don't complain about your job so much, and try to vent without anger. When your angry maybe just open without taking your frustration out on others. These are few things I've experienced lately and I would just like to start spreading a more positive feeling. Anyway I'll stop pretending to be your therapist now :p and at the risk of being cheesy (Oh too late XD) Don't worry be happy!

    P.S: None of this applies if take public transportation, in that case you have every right to hate humanity XD

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