LP against toughest competition...lets show them.

Discussion in 'Linkin Park Chat' started by linkinfrk12, Aug 11, 2004.

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    Aug 11, 2004
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    LP is against Evanescence's "My Immortal". Biggest threat yet...i am asking you to vote more than ever. and be more motivated, please do not be cocky and think we have it covered. we don't...Evanescence has a lot of fans. Similar to us...they will vote no matter what.

    We have been lacking of, lacking of the energy of the fan base we used to be. Evanescence fans are totally motivated and commited to beating us. I know...i have done my homework and have been looking through numerous message boards. The VMA deal is at the top of basicly all the message boards. The main board has made it a sticky and has and still is going at 37 pages of replys. They have been checking out our message boards and sites and seeing if were serious about this. They are saying that they have it covered...they are very confident and voting like crazy.

    I'm asking you as fans of Linkin Park to show once again that we are a fan base to be reconized. They are taking the atvantage that we are not that motivated and don't care. I don't take this to be just about an award, we know ( i hope) that Breaking the Habit is a better and more important video. My Immortal...didn't really have a story line but the band playing and her singing. I'm ot trying to bash Evanescence...but we need to be together and vote together as fans. If you don't like this thread than don't vote...i don't care...but please lets show them we are the most amazing fan base.

    quotes taken from Evanescence board(s)...

    "This is a matter of pride people!. Vote until you have burdned your mouse!.
    The good thing is that LP fans think that Ev is the strongest opponent. BECAUSE IT IS!. If we get to that final round (we, haha, I mean Evanescence!) I think we win that freaking moonman.
    It's all a matter of pride.

    "Alot of people at the LP message boards say that they aren't voting because they are torn between Ev and LP...

    I dunno if that's a good thing, but that's less votes for LP..."

    *they are persistant...voting all day long and tallying there votes*

    "I saw that we're against LP when I was at school. LP is really popular and this will be a hard battle, but I'm sure if we keep voting like crazy as we were doing we'll so gonna make it!"

    "I just checked out the LPBoard and i read theyre 4 pages of the Viewers Choice Award thread and it dont look like there voting there asses off."

    as an LP fan...lets do this. lets show everybody that we can make a difference. Even though i have nothing against Evanesence...this is war. lol. and since this is war...i like to refer to us as the street soldiers.

    like i said they are voting all day long. please maybe this will be a wake up call.

    * i have also posted this on the LPU board*

    :shifty: oh it's on now... :mike:.
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    Andrea best friends. LPA Addicted VIP

    Dec 12, 2002
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    This has been posted in the 'news' section and I'm sure people will vote.

    *closes* :chemist:
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