Just coming back

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    Just coming back

    Your always in everyones minds
    Even after so long gone, your still coming back
    Maybe it wasnt your time, it was just a mistake
    But still they took something unique from you
    We lost ourselves the day you went away
    Still no one knows the answer.... No one know where you are

    I got nothing much to give, but I'll give it to you anyway
    Im only trying to help, making you heal
    Even when you smile we can see your sorrow
    But if you fall down, we'll help you up with all our hands
    You can always have my shoulder to cry on, I will always be here
    Were ever you go...

    Your the last person I'd expect to leave
    But still your name and photos in our memories linger on
    One day I shall see you again
    But I dont know where and I don't know when
    Or maybe this was never ment to be...

    This song who is dedicated to my auntie who died last year,and has just been brought back to my mind. So this one is in memory of you.
    No matter how hard we try we cant forget you.

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