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    I wrote this for my lady last month. It's about how much I hate saying goodbye to her when we see each other. Umm, I guess it's a KINDA-happy poem, yeah?


    Days elongate into what seems years,
    And thinking of you triggers sad tears.
    When we must depart because the time lacks,
    I find myself madly running right back.
    A normal day is you on my mind,
    From morning-wake ‘till I rest at night.
    Even then, I find you there inside my dreams,
    Looking as lovely as you could ever be.
    Jump into my arms and simply close your eyes,
    As I feel the warmth of you and you of I.
    Let the essence of love softly take control,
    So soothing is this love that endlessly flows.
    Then you kiss me with kisses of creamy savor,
    Soft, damp, and pretty lips that give me such pleasure.
    The moment seems to consist of only you and I,
    Even though perhaps many people will pass us by.
    We’ve started a love that always feels as though still new,
    Moments like these say I dedicate my life to you.
    Forever we will grow with happiness by our side,
    Prospering together, sharing our love ‘till we die.
    Your giggles that lighten my face,
    Make me want to kiss you posthaste.
    But when I think of your laugher when you’re away,
    I can only sit here and cry away the day.
    What can I do when you’re so completely far from me?
    Why is that we’re separated so constantly?
    There are some times when sleeping at night can be inane,
    For I just think of memories from earlier days.
    I weep the feeling of your fingers wrapped on my hand so tight,
    And how I stroke your cheek each time that you glare into my eyes.
    Our love still gets deeper as the days slowly move on,
    But I just want to hold you in my arms all night long.
    It still feels like the first time when you press your lips tenderly on mine,
    And I still melt at the way you tell me how much you love me each time.
    Your wonderful scent lingers as we reluctantly have to let go,
    But you hold on to my hand and gently rub it with your thumb so slow.
    Already, tears start forming now that the warmth from you begins to fade,
    Because I only flourish when you embrace me and kiss me for days.
    I am thrust against your body as we one more time kiss one another,
    But one kiss turns into another, each more romantic than the other.
    With deep sighs of woe we know the time has come to an end,
    And truly we make our real last kiss the most passionate.
    But it never really is the last kiss goodbye,
    It’s really the first kiss to the rest of our lives.

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