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    Apr 19, 2005
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    This turned into a bit of a poetic rant...My thoughts still remain though.

    We sift through this life at what seems like a million miles an hour.
    The few who stop to look around will be caught off guard; why can't everyone think like I do? they might ask.
    But then we realize. We HAVE to keep running faster, faster and faster towards something invisible.
    Something hidden, something unknown. I'd much rather take it slow, and figure it out as I go.
    To figure it out, figuring out life...Why even talk about it? why not just do it, see that's the thing...
    Complications...everyone holds a standard and needs an explanation for an exception.
    Another thing I hate.
    One line of events is notably acknowledged as being fulfilled, anything besides the point is irrelevant.
    Like throwing away pure life. Time we won't get back.
    Don't waste your time, don't resort to ask questions, they will be answered.
    I'd hate to say it became personal.
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    Ophelia LPA Super VIP LPA Super VIP

    Jul 20, 2008
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    I like it, even with the ranting. It actually makes the piece a bit more powerful.

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