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    (Where are you fleeing from
    I think you're seeing some of the dreams
    Of the terrors that plagued me
    And now you know why nothing has saved me
    Its a disease that comes from inside
    Where you can't hide no matter how hard you try
    When the disease spreads then the mind is left behind
    Then you find that your running out of time
    Before you begin to lose yourself you cross the line)

    The doors are being knocked down
    My mind is crashing around
    Inside this virtual world
    Of my own design
    Its all about deception
    Without any direction
    I won't be able to get out of here in time.

    (Schizophrenically, I look around
    I hear voices, but hypothetically
    There were none to be found
    But I heard what the voices said to me
    They said I was trapped inside my own disease
    Seized by my own alarmed reaction
    These revelations then put me into action
    Once I had joined the wandering factions
    I became whole again, sick of negativity
    I learned my lesson now, I stride ahead confidently)


    You know that you can find the key
    Now that you've seen what has happened to me
    The fighting will be long and tiring
    But after its over its more than inspiring....

    CHORUS 2
    This paradigm has opened up your soul
    You find your way to ultimate self-control
    The days of being cajoled are gone
    And now you realized what you've missed all along...


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