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    <div align=center>
    Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts
    'Meteora' - #65 (Last Week - #60)
    Billboard Top Music Video Charts
    'Live In Texas' - #10 (Last Week - #9)
    Billboard Pop Catalog Charts
    'Hybrid Theory' - #19 (Last Week - #16)
    Billboard Modern Rock Charts
    "Breaking The Habit" - #9 (Last Week - #17)
    "Lying From You" - #12 (Last Week - #9)
    Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts
    "Lying From You" - #12 (Last Week - #10)
    "Breaking The Habit" - #16 (Last Week - #18)
    Billboard Hot 100 Singles Charts
    "Lying From You" - #92 (Last Week - #90)

    Just when things were looking up for album sales for Linkin Park, we hit a week on the Billboard charts where seventeen new albums hit the top one hundred in their first week,thus pushing the album's momentum backwards five spots to #65. 'Live In Texas' and 'Hybrid Theory' followed suit, with falls to #10 and #19 on their respective charts. For singles, "Lying From You" fell two spots on the Mainstream Rock and Hot 100 charts, and dropped three spots on the Modern Charts. "Breaking The Habit", meanwhile, jumped a massive eight spots to #9 on the Modern Rock charts, and also climbed two spots on the Mainstream Rock charts.
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    Not bad at all.
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