Awaiting You're Return

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    Awaiting Your Return

    Take my hand as you lie beside me
    My face stained red when I meet your gaze
    My confidence shattered with a gentle touch
    But rebuilt in a thousand ways
    Shameful I drop my eyes to the ground
    But clasp your hand yet tighter still
    Collapse into you, indulge in happiness
    But I can never reach my fill
    Caress my heart and squeeze it dry
    My warmth I’ll share with you
    And if I die each time me part
    When reunited I’m born anew
    For when you leave you take my heart
    Leave it beating in your hand
    I trust in you to keep it safe
    An angel amongst the damned
    And I know for now you must leave
    A most sinful separation
    But don’t forget when I’m gone
    My heart is not a decoration
    Not jewellery to be taken off
    Switched one day to another
    Please hold my heart both tight and close
    My one and only lover
    You held my hand and you led me
    To the apex of my life
    Now eternally I’ll await your return
    Above the turmoil and the strife

    Wow....I can't believe I used the wrong "you're" in the topic title...
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    Seinfeld We are the nobodies LPA Super Member

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    Damn amaze me every time you write a poem...I keep thinking: 'he can't possibly get any better...'

    and then you go and prove me wrong...

    keep up...I'm already looking forward to your next one :D

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