Air Raid Attack [a short rap I wrote]

Discussion in 'Your Projects' started by Gloomy Mushroom, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Gloomy Mushroom

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    I've been diggin' in the burrows
    Out of a hole full of sorrows
    No I won't let you hurt you see
    I've been kissin' those tomorrows
    Right down to the filled up hollows
    Of everything you've taught me to be
    I'm not going to hurt you
    But I seem to have this virtue
    And show you what you did to me
    My breaking was long overdue
    One always becomes before two
    Choke on this hate you'll see
    This blinded hate became intense
    Like a jail barb wire fenced
    Hanging like a noose from a tree
    Death had become another suspense
    So let this air raid attack commence
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    Jack_Farrell KTTK is Chester suicide-diving off a cliff naked

    May 1, 2008
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    I really like some lines but when you mix stuff with "Oh why God why you lied to me and left me!!!!" it becomes cheesy and just a poor attempt of mixing smart words with the usual relationship stuff.

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