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    1. Fragmuffin
      Oh man, I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow.

      How much better is the quality of the CD version? Or is it not very noticeable?
    2. Fragmuffin
      Yeah, I don't dislike Victimized as much now. I'm loving the drums more and more with each listen, though the heavily distorted guitars are still "meh" to me.

      Can't get enough of Lost In the Echo, though. I can't wait to blast that song on some decent speakers when I pick the album up next week, haha.
    3. Fragmuffin
      Yes, Lost In the Echo is definitely one of the best album openers. I can't decide if I like it more than Papercut yet, though, because, again, /nostalgia. (Whoa commas lol)

      My least favorite track is actually Victimized. I liked what was there to a degree, but it was lacking for me overall. That, along with BID and LGM, are my least favorite tracks (Though I like BID and LGM), but the rest range from really good to fantastic, and overall...it's just so good.
    4. Fragmuffin
      My favorites, currently, are Roads Untraveled, Lost In the Echo, and Castle of Glass. Really beautiful album overall, though.

      I'm going to put it in front of HT right now. I mean, I love HT, but LT is something that just keeps getting better and better with each listen.

      Still not sure if I'm about to replace Meteora as my favorite, though, what with all of the nostalgia that I have for that album.
    5. Fragmuffin
      Just listened to the whole album for the third time, and I'm loving it more and more with each listen.

      I'm going to avoid rambling on for now, but the first half of COG, the whole of LITE, and Roads Untraveled were all some highlights for me.
    6. Fragmuffin
      Yeah, BID's lyrics are pretty underwhelming.

      As for the snippets, again, I'm not a huge fan of the electronics and overall simplicity of the instrumentation, but I won't deny how catchy they are.

      Powerless sounds really good though, yeah. If it builds on the great sound of Tinfoil, which it seems it will, it will be a fantastic closer.
    7. Fragmuffin
      Something I wish would make a return are indeed the guitars, yes.

      What we've heard of LT so far, though, including the new snippets, leads me to believe that more organic guitars will only be making somewhat of a return. Even so, though, the new snippets sound pretty good, though I'll be honest: I'm not as ecstatic about the heavily electronic sound as many others seem to be. Lost in the Echo in particular sounds a bit iffy to me when it opens with that club-like beat. But I digress.

      And I actually like Burn It Down more than LGM, mostly because of the fact that in the live version, you can actually hear the guitar. :y
    8. Fragmuffin
      I actually listened to Meteora earlier today in the car, moronically singing along to parts of each song. :B

      Yeah, ATS was definitely an acquired taste (at least for me), but the more I listen to it, the more I like it.
      Even so, though, it lacks the replayability of the other LP albums, as it was made in such a way that you could only truly experience it if listened to through and through. I won't deny that it has some of, it not the deepest lyrics of any LP album, though. But even at that, a lot of the lyrics lacked that personal connection that earlier LP albums' lyrics had, you know?

      But yeah, I've enjoyed Linkin Park since HT, and I'm looking forward to LT, hoping that it brings back some of HT's/Meteora's feel.
    9. Fragmuffin
      I just wanted to let you know that I share the same viewpoint as you on where I rank each LP album (Though I'd put Reanimation either before or after HT, if we weren't counting studio albums only).
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