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  1. mandylane
  2. zayl
    i don't like potatos, rice seems OK.
  3. Rugved Hiwarkar
    Rugved Hiwarkar Sujana
    hey sujana remember me
  4. zendesur
    Witness of history.
  5. Victor I Wilder
    Victor I Wilder
    When will LP be back in the US? They cancelled on us and I am waiting for their return!!
  6. Razor Bikini
    Razor Bikini
  7. sasuke4545
  8. Yola Gappy
    Yola Gappy
    Galloping back and forth on account of evil words and actions. Commemorating the results of the ventures we once abode.
  9. shinobikid
    "I am the crown of Gallia I am the oak in the nemeton I am the servant of Antumnos’ children I am the will of our gods Ambicatus is my name"
  10. Hermes_LP
    We laughed at the sun, we laughed at the guns, we laughed at it all...
  11. Tony V.
    Tony V.
    walking through everything
  12. Broman
  13. catalytic
    My day starts AND ends with Linkin Park!
  14. catalytic
    I'm really ecstatic that I found and FINALLY joined this forum...
  15. Captain-EO
  16. The Glue
    The Glue
    Linkin Park (no better status)
  17. AThousandLivingTheories
    AThousandLivingTheories blackout.
    Blackout's my favorite LP song! :D
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  18. Deliveranze
    The Renegade, You've been afraid, at the center stage of beginner phase
  19. IronDust71
    University, here I am !
  20. Anime_boys