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  1. insanefanboy
  2. KoratKat
    The most amazing of them all...
  3. Deliveranze
    Contribute or dispute, don't confuse your inner views with interviews
  4. Lukas Krew
    Lukas Krew
    When they turn down the lights, I hear my battle symphony ...
  5. salmanlp
    Shut up when i am talking to you
  6. Mercedes AMG
    Mercedes AMG
    Vroom Vroom!!
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  7. Mercedes AMG
    Mercedes AMG
    Vroom vroom.
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  8. Christianne_062
    Adventure is the goal but the journey is the people,places and music that I will encounter along the way Live.Laugh.Love ✨LP.Z.TCS
  9. Tony Fields
    Tony Fields
  10. lpfaneki
    lpfaneki Derek
    just to inform you : lp wiki links not working here.. also i cant find lpwiki by lpA ... has it stoped?
  11. Daniel Knappett
    Daniel Knappett
    Always Evolving
  12. Zain
    Instagram: @Zainn__
  13. Linkin Park Facts
    Linkin Park Facts
    Michael.Linkin Park Fan since Burn it Down. Fanpage on Twitter instagram and facebook. 19 years old.
  14. Meteorain
    Finding what you've got sometimes, means finding it alone
  15. Sujana
    Sujana Captain-EO
    Oi, you maniac, how are ya?
  16. TobyReen
    In The End Everything Is Heavy
  17. Inca
    Why's everything so heavy? :)
  18. Blackee Dammet
    1. Danasaur
      Nope, never heard of that, sorry!!
      Feb 20, 2017
  19. Blackee Dammet
    Blackee Dammet Danasaur
    Are you that same Danasaur from the other place?
    1. Danasaur
      What other place? This is the first time I've logged in since 2008 :O
      Feb 20, 2017
  20. Mkvx
    'Cause once you got a theory of how the thing works / Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first